I'm Afraid I Can't Let You Do That, Dave....When "Upgrades" Go Wrong

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Everyone knows the infamous feature removals of the PS3 era, but there have been other points throughout gaming history where an upgrade either made nearly impossible or flat out killed a major gaming moment. Click in to see if you remember them all!

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djcitizend2466d ago

I feel like this happens with phones all the time. They upgrade the phone and the phone goes to hell (EVERY MOTOROLA SMART PHONE!)

RyanDJ2466d ago

I actually got frustrated when I upgraded phones, I wasn't allowed to transfer things, because it was past 90 days from purchase! "Sorry, you have to buy your game again". Yeah. I do NOT look forward to the digital age.

retrovertigo2466d ago

I didn't realize that old light gun games don't work with HDTVs. Interesting!

RyanDJ2466d ago

I actually wrote a whole piece on HDTVs with the tiny font issue a while back, and I had learned this prior. I was wondering just how bad I was at Duck Hunt, until I put the gun right against the screen, and still nothing.