Stunning new screenshots of Beyond the Labyrinth arrive

Makers of Star Ocean have delivered brand new screenshots of one of the most impressive-looking titles for the 3DS yet.

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firefoxprime2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

3DS graphics suck?
Eat that PSV fantards!

Oh wait.
I'm buying a PSV next year. Gonna sit right next to my Aqous Blue baby! 3D/HD gaming!


Spenok2552d ago

While these graphics do NOT suck, they dont match up to the Vita.

On topic though this game looks pretty awesome, at least in the graphics department since thats all i know about it thus far. However the fact that Tri-Ace is making it should mean very good things. I will keep my eyes peeled on this game and i would not doubt if i end up picking it up.

firefoxprime2552d ago

Haha...I was so sure my SARCASM was pretty CLEAR in my post.

I love my 3DS. And when Vita releases, I'll get that too. Fanboy wars are stupid, and I've been toting Nintendo/Sony handhelds/consoles since day one.

Anyways, epic title, and hopefully its action rpg(KH) and not turn based(bleh).

Spenok2551d ago

Hmm... maybe i just read it wrong. Oh well, lol.

And whats wrong with turn based? I honestly dont think there are enough good ones this generation. However a Kindgom Hearts style would be absolutely welcome as well.

Fantastical2553d ago

The screenshots look even better when you get the 3D screenshots on the 3DS.

redonix762553d ago

I'm excited to see what devs can do with the 3DS in the near future. Hope to see more great games like this!!!

Servbot2553d ago

is the 3DS incapable of AA? The game would look so much better if the edges weren't so jaggy.

--Onilink--2553d ago

well antialiasing is one of the most heavy things for a console to do, even the ps3 and 360 have very limited antialiasing compared to what can be done by high end PCs. Also, with screenshots so big, of course it will look jaggy, but in the end, on a small screen it shouldnt be such a problem

Venox20082553d ago

looks awesome! cant wait for final product & release date & trailer

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The story is too old to be commented.