Diablo 3 Will Be Very Difficult

Blizzard Entertainment's Community Manager finally revealed that Diablo 3 will be a challenging game.

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Valnen2581d ago

Some of the best news of the year right there.

ThanatosDMC2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Yeah, I was worried when the gameplay vids showed everybody just breezing through enemy ranks. Also, they added way too much explosion effects for no reason. I still don't like the fact that your avatar disappears, hits enemies, and cannot be attacked back. It's an imbalance skill attack and being able to completely deflect projectiles. It's become more of an action RPG, which is fine if they can do it right without screwing their fanbase.

Darkfiber2581d ago

"It will be approximately as challenging as World of Warcraft"

Ramas2581d ago

Do not be fooled and dont belive everything you hear. Think for yourself how hard can it be? really? maybe it will be hard on nightmare mode or something, but playing on normal i can guarantee it wount be hard at all.

BubbleSniper2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

i hope there is something harder than Hell. I could solo anything in D2 LOD with any class in Hell.

that goes for D2 without the expac

JOHN_DOH2581d ago

I'm pretty sure the game got harder as more people joined the game. (better drops too)

BubbleSniper2581d ago

JOHN_DOH, i really should have added that in there to cover my bases then i guess.

i don't know about now, but all more players did was make things drop more. if you played the cow level for instance, with max players, tons of stuff would drop, but quality of drops is affected by difficulty, not players present.

ScubaSteve12581d ago

i doubt diablo 3 will be hard has demon souls


Quite frankly, Demon's Souls isn't that hard either when you figure it out. It's just setted against you - if you die or play uncarefully, than you are out of cookies, it punishes you with having to restart collecting souls and the entire level - the gameplay itself, the enemies and the bosses, they aren't that hard, some are even easy if you just think what you are doing.

I'm pretty sure Diablo III will be around the same difficult, maybe a bit more complex on strategies, but it won't punish you as much. Anyway I can't wait to get my nerdy hands on Dark Souls and Diablo III later, specially since back in May 9th there were even a console version talk. Now I'm officially excited, although I'll probably get the PC version also since it shall release before and the game looks just too good to wait.

ScubaSteve12581d ago

to be honest demon souls was hard for me until i got the hang out of it.

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