Captain America: Super Soldier Is The Easiest & Most Fun 100% You Will Ever Earn

TGH Writes: "Captain America: Super Soldier is getting pretty mixed reviews from the press, however fans of the star spangled hero love the gameplay and the action. There is one drawback (if you want to call it that) is that simply the game is too easy to Platinum/1000G."

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ShadyDevil2577d ago

Actually it is a rundown of how easy the games trophies and achievements are to get and some tips on how to get 'em all.

Solid_Snake-2577d ago

this will sell more due to the rewards.

archemides5182577d ago

i platinumed this game, it rulz

Redempteur2577d ago

easier than terminator salvation ?

jozzah2577d ago

Easier than Avatar: The burning earth?

ShadyDevil2577d ago

Easier. But not easier Than Kung Fu Panda 2. That game is just so pathetically easy.

lpfisher2577d ago

I feel like you just sold more copies of this game...crazy trophy whores.

HOSe2577d ago

except redbox has a terrible selection of games.

Hozi892577d ago

to hell with boring articles!!! Arghhh! I want some real good articles to read dammit!

Buuhan12577d ago

I don't go for easy platinums, I like to take pride in my platinum collection. The only time I go for an easy platinum is if the game is actually really good or fun. For example, the Sly Cooper games are easy platinums but they're also good games, so I don't feel bad for having those. But from the sounds of it, this Captain America game is just Batman: Arkham Asylum reskinned. In which case the gameplay is probably good, but with Arkham City coming out in a few months I rather not play a imitation beforehand.

archemides5182577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

i went for the platinum cuz i was so close to it already.....cuz i was making sure i got the 25000 pts to get the classic costume. little did i know instead of picking up the various items you could just redo the challenges and rack up pts fast. but either way it was a good time

also in some ways i like the gameplay better because it is all head-on action, instead of sneaking around batman stuff...why avoid it when the combat system works so well?

Buuhan12577d ago

I agree, the stealth parts were my least favorite aspect of Arkham Asylum. They weren't bad by any means, and they did a goodjob making Batman into a predator. But the combat system was so good that it was odd that it often took a back-seat to the stealth.

Hopefully Arkham City loosens a bit on the stealth, but still offer it as an extensive option for the players who like to stealth. Basically giving you the option on how to handle the situation, stealth or balls-out brawling. Arkham Asylum didn't really let you do that cause the dudes with guns would just rip Batman to shreds, you HAD to stealth, at least on them.

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