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Microsoft Aims For 10gigs Of RAM For Xbox Next Gen. Insane Power Is Coming

1. NBA Jam On Fire Edition Interview
2. Call Of Juarez: The Cartel 7.5/10
3. HipHopRss – Rap Battle DNA Vs Youngill

Enjoy The Show 1luv and God Bless (Call of Juarez: The Cartel, Industry, Microsoft, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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slavish3  +   1341d ago
i can't wait for next gen this will be the largest performance jump ever!!!!
Nitrowolf2  +   1341d ago
10GB of Ram? that is just nonsense. Even for today high end PC games they need about half of that only to run most if not all PCgames at max and there is still a lot of room for improvement. IDK it could be possible, but i highly doubt it. We will see at least 1-2 maybe as far as 4 GB of ram in next console Gen, but 10GB lol. I don't think Devs will even need that much. Unless MS plans on having some major changes and have the device running multiple things at once or something, 10GB is just a bit overkill i think.

Also if the next xbox has Window 8 then it's becoming more like a PC. The issue with this is how insecure Window software has always been, so it might be a crossbreed of game OS and Window OS on the next box. I can see where the Ram could be needed if it reuired the game to use a lot of it and you can access a bunch of gaming software.
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evrfighter  +   1341d ago
would have been more believable if he would have said 8 or hell even 12.

10gb is just an odd number for me to take this remotely seriously. Is this seriously the best he could come up with this week?
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Redgehammer  +   1341d ago
I have been wondering if it was possible to have two SOC's in the same box. If possible, MS could have a dedicated SOC for say, IPTV, running the dasboard, Kinect, and the other SOC be more for the gaming side. Continuing on with this conjecture, 5 Gigs of RAM per SOC, with Crossfire between the two GPU's might be possible. Possible?
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Vitalogy  +   1341d ago
Totally agree with you Nitro. It makes no sense at all in a console and even if they're planning to have multi-tasking it's not only the RAM that's needed, a good CPU and GPU aswell and I can only imagine the cost of production for a console like that and what would be the cost for the end user.
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TheBrit  +   1340d ago
the next Xbox hasn't been rumored to have windows 8 in it, windows 8 is going to have Xbox live built into it though.
awi5951  +   1340d ago
8gigs is the sweet spot 4 will be outdated when the new xbox launches.
awi5951  +   1340d ago
Well they could allow users to add their on ram its been done before for the n64. After i put in that ram card back in the day the n64 games ran 4 times as fast. Microsoft should let their users decide and have 2 dims on the back of the console or something.
edonus  +   1341d ago
Not necessarily to far fetch. There are a lot of factors to consider. Right now a pc with 6gb of ram goes for 600-700. If they dont plan on coming out with a new system for another 2-3 years and if they dont mind coming into the next gen at around a $500-$600 price tag(hey Sony did it, it almost killed them but they still did it) they could be knocking on the door of 8-10gb of memory.

If you look at whats happening with tablets. Right now they have small memory and dont really effect the regular computer market but they will eventually start demanding more resource meaning more memory. Basically what this does is make the speed of adaptation, growth and cycle of innovation for computer components including memory really faster.

I bought a laptop with 4gb of ram for around $1000 dollars 3 years ago. Same computer specs cost around $400.00 dollars now. I'm just saying 10gb isnt impossible for next gen.
edonus  +   1341d ago
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww sh!t,
This is a HipHop Gamer article?

Scratch everything I just said here.

Disregard this post.

dlohnug  +   1341d ago
Very valid point, the cost of ram is very cheap right now, three years down the road it'll prolly be 34.99 for 12GB instead of 6GB. I'm not considering a new ram architecture though... i suppose if a new one came out, it would simply lower the cost of the older architectures and it would be more effective to use those instead of the new architectures. I think.
illizit  +   1340d ago
Either way, everyone is forgetting that the RAM inside Consoles are not necessarily the same ones in Desktops. For example, the PS3 has 256MB of XDR Ram which is EXTREMELY expensive.

If I had to guess, if the nex gen consoles come out within 2 years, they would have about 4Gigs of Ram.
AEtherbane  +   1340d ago
is they add 10GB of RAM in their next console, it could destroy gaming. Devs will then dump millions more into making their games use all the power and wont see returns in sales if games continue to sell at their current rates and current prices.
10GB of RAM = more expensive games, and my guess would be upwards at around $80-$90 a copy at first, which would be just ludicrous.
Venjense  +   1340d ago
Devs will charge for MP next gen - people with popular games will make more than ever before.
Persistantthug  +   1340d ago
I'm still loading the video.....But perhaps 10 Gigs of ram represents total ram w/ GPU ram.
I mean, 8GB is very doable, especially when XBOX 360 won't come any sooner than Holiday 2013 which is 2 1/2 years from now.

Maybe the extra 2 Gigs comes from the Graphics unit.

Just sayin.
hiredhelp  +   1340d ago
10GB WTF. for what exactly is going to be using that amount of ram. lol 10gb not to mention the cost. ROFL
Persistantthug  +   1340d ago
8 Gigs of Ram is pretty cheap now
In fact, here's 8 Gigs of mediocre ram for 60'ish bucks: ( http://www.buy.com/prod/cor... )

If you think about it.....8Gigs of ram and 2 gigs of video ram is fairly/pretty common today.

So what's so unbelievable about this 2 years from now?

Keep in mind, Game consoles aren't just game machines anymore....they aren't today, and they never will be ever again.
hiredhelp  +   1340d ago
Companys wont massmproduce something that costs that. Well at least thats my thought as for 10gb being realistic. Its mot impossible but i was mearly stating compared to pc's of today with the xbox is pritty much simular setup. This would mean w whole new socket' just for the console and special ram again for use oly with 360. If thats the case then yes its possible.

But if you saying for example low end ram on market of today of 10gb be too costly. To mass produce. Tjey make every part as cheap as poss cost efective so they can make money. As all buisnesses would m8.
fluffydelusions  +   1341d ago
I know HHG has been right about some things in the past but I don't see 10gb of RAM happening for either next gen console.
Dark360  +   1341d ago
Rick James Quote...
"Cocaine is a hell of a drug"

HHG = Delusional

HannibalBarca  +   1341d ago
I miss Dave Chappelle :(
Megaton  +   1341d ago
Utterly pointless. You don't even need more than 4gb - 6gb for a beastly gaming rig. HHG has absolutely no clue what he's talking about, but that's nothing new, especially when it comes to tech.
IRetrouk  +   1341d ago
i dont know, ram seems cheap enough now, i got my gaming pc over a year ago and it came with 6 gig of ram, the pc itself cost just under 900 pounds so by the time the next consoles are released 10 gig will be cheap enough to put into the consoles, whether we need that much ram or not is another topic.
BrianG  +   1341d ago
RAM is crucial for game development, but 10GB seems like overkill to some extent.

Aside from obviously needing a much better GPU and CPU to actually take advantage of that extra RAM.

And how can MS come out first if the Wii U is launching in 2012, supposedly? Nintendo does count whether we like it or not.

Either way, I'm interested to see what happens.
consolez_FTW  +   1341d ago
Yeah man,10gigs of RAM on a gaming is console is overkill. Gaming PCs today don't even require that much.

But here's a quote from Mr. HipHopGamer on why it would be so cool /s!

"Yo! Imagine 10gigs on the next Xbox with COD dawg! it would be sooo scary yo!"

At least I think that's the quote, I was just clicking to random points on the video and found it.
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Raendom  +   1341d ago
Oh, hip hop! *hands on hips, head tilted*
Shackdaddy836  +   1341d ago
10 gigs is so unneeded...

They are not going to put in 10 gigs of ram. I can tell you that right now.
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awi5951  +   1340d ago
Well knowing microsoft alot of ram is probably reserved for some reason other than games.
hiredhelp  +   1340d ago
Like what kinnectamals 2. dude doesnt matter what else they have up there sleeve youll never use 10gb. not that on todays pc's you able to run 10gb cos doesnt work like that.
tripple channel and dual channel. 10gb is a odd value. so just on that reason alone i call BS.
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Sanii  +   1341d ago
Any PC can run games and the OS with 6gb of ram perfectly. Why the hell would you need 10? Wouldn't that kinda be redundant. Cost is also an issue to consider too. I just don't see it happening. That being said, I can't wait to hear about the hardware in the new xbox. It should be interesting
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jack who  +   1341d ago
10 gigs really hip hop?
mind telling me when Microsoft made an OS that can use over 8GB of ram?
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BrianG  +   1341d ago
I could be wrong, but I think Windows 7 can handle 24GB of RAM. I know for sure it can handle 12GB with ease.

Unless you are referring to something else?
Nitrowolf2  +   1341d ago
idk what he is talking about, but i think he is saying an OS that requires 8GB in order to be ran. IDK. Win. 7 should be able to support 24 not sure.
1PC2PS33360  +   1341d ago
win 7 64 bit home premium and upwards support 192. yes, 192 gb ram
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Aussiegamer  +   1341d ago
'mind telling me when microsoft made an OS that can use over 8gb of ram'.

*sigh* really dude....

I run 16gb atm, board can take up to 32gb. Oh and yeah I run w7. Cheers man.

And I dunno how much ram the next gen consoles will have, they need super powerful gpu's to make use of the RAM. SO yeah I find it very hard to believe as 10gb seems to be a very random number. But anyway another glorious video from hip hop.
PS3ROCKS  +   1341d ago
Hitman0769  +   1341d ago
I'm dying to see what Microsoft brings out for next-gen.
IAmTheTruth  +   1341d ago

qwertyz  +   1341d ago
do you have a time machine or something ?
ASSASSYN 36o  +   1341d ago
How in the world... do you spell "more" wrong? Who does that!?
theonlylolking  +   1341d ago
RAM does not make a console instantly powerful and awesome. Every PC gamer knows this and anyone trying to make a point should know this., but then again its hiphopgamer.
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Close_Second  +   1341d ago
2GB dedicated for video please.
Ninver  +   1341d ago
seeing is believing.
Chapulin  +   1341d ago
First give me 3D without glasses.
Jihaad_cpt  +   1340d ago
that has nothing to do with the console?
No Way  +   1341d ago
Hell, if the 10 GB of RAM is cheap by the time they release..
Well, then, all the power to them. More the better, right?
I'm not tech-savvy, so I really don't know anything bout this.
But, doesn't RAM make everything run better and allow more operations?
Also, don't current generations have a severe lack of RAM?
So, whatever, it's better to have overkill than not enough.
And, if they are planning to put 10GB, they must have a reason to.
Hozi89  +   1341d ago
Maybe it's to really give it a long ass life cycle to compete with most high end pc's as well?
cstyle  +   1341d ago
If they put a customized version of windows inside the next xbox then I can see it having 10gigs of ram.
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josephayal  +   1341d ago
Amazing power, cant wait for the PS4 with33 gig of ram
frankymv  +   1341d ago
Can't wait for the next gen!
IRetrouk  +   1341d ago
im looking forward to it too, still plenty of games coming out though so i can wait another year or 2.
jacksheen0000  +   1341d ago
Dam 10gigs...that's insane By the way, where in the hell is HHG getting this news from to begin with.

10gigs that's had to believe.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   1341d ago
The man can barely speak, so I highly doubt he researches anything to form a educated guess. What makes sense is he derives this info from word of mouth and simple hypothetical discussion we all participate in. Research would have cited information. He never has any. His leg work has proven to be outrageous, suspect, and impetuous.
jacksheen0000  +   1341d ago
I agree HHG story does seem a bit far fetched.That said, I don't ever see the nextbox having 10gigs of RAM if Microsoft wants to make it affordable.And so, I guessing that the nextbox will most likely have at least DDR5 4gigs if it going to be responsibly priced.
1PC2PS33360  +   1341d ago
Dude, you know ram is not even on DDR4 yet and will not be until 2014 at the earliest, the xbox720 and ps4 will use DDR3!

BubloZX  +   1340d ago
i think he meant gddr5.
THC CELL  +   1341d ago
I hear hhg talks to go you no.. I really doubt ms will have a more powerful console than ps4 and if sony gets vr working even if ms is more powerful vr will win by default. Imagine walking upto shakira in a virtual worls and letting her. Hips drive u crazy on top of u,, ohhhhhhh yeeaaaa
jacksheen0000  +   1341d ago
My bad, I knew DDR3(xbox360) was already out but guessing that nextbox might be out 2 years later, I was guessing that Microsoft would implement something along the line of a DDR5.So thank AU for the input... I guess I should do more homework next time before posting. See, I work with computer all day,and lately i haven't been keeping up with upgrading my PC in like 8 months
over-clocking/MOBO/etc etc. And yes....I have fallen behind on the techy stuff.And of course, I was ahead of myself..XD So again, Thank you for pointing that out to me. LOL

But 10gigs is definitely something I don't ever see happening for any of the next gen gaming console.
So ... I think HHG had too much to drink when he posted this story.But I could be wrong. I guess we'll see if any if this is even true in the near future.
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ATiElite  +   1341d ago
Microsoft Aims For 10gigs Of RAM For Xbox Next Gen
10 GB of ram? So is the next Xbox gonna be a Workstation?

On a serious note maybe the next Gen media device would be more cost efficient with more Ram available. 10 Gb of ram sounds like the whole dam game (actually a large portion of it) would run from the Ram. Ram is becoming cheaper now a days and is still very fast.

All the other Next Gen media storage units are still very expensive but dumping a DVD into 10GB of Ram would be a lot faster than the DVD Rom reading info from a spinning disc and faster than a game installed on a HDD plus less Disc spin equals less wear and tear.

Large amounts of Ram allow computers to do more at once by being able to quickly access large amounts of info with ease so 10GB of Ram in a console actually has a valid working point.

But who knows? HHG could be just misinformed or talking out of his arse.
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Grimhammer00  +   1341d ago
10gbs? Lol

I won't rehash the obvious - it's been done ^

But, if you were MS....and though you lost $1bill in RROD costs.....you think you wouldn't want that return purchase? After the warranty RROD was pure gold go MS....why would they want to reduce wear n' tear?!

Plus, consoles are not usually cutting edge. (Sony excluded). Normally gaming consoles are a few years behind top pc specs.

10gbs is laughable.
yamzilla  +   1341d ago
10 gb is NOTHING

Win7 supports up to 192 gb

192 !!!!!!


HHG himself needs more RAM, a cpu upgrade and quieter case fans.

His bullshit is bottlenecking any truth and his circuits are misfiring!

you will be lucky if the new consoles have 4-8gb ram!

I hope they go with at least, AT LEAST 6!!

btw, my pc, my brothers, and most of my steam friends have 8-16gb ram in our pc's, everyone i know if on a 64bit o.s.

every worthwhile desktop pc you buy today from some big box retailer, unless it is an emachine ,lol emachine, has 6-8gb, thats just the norm , and if you build one yourself, unless you are on a real tight budget, i'd reccomend 6gb AT LEAST,

hell ram is so cheap right not an 8gb bundle of mediocre ddr3 only costs $58

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1PC2PS33360  +   1341d ago
Dell and other companies make desktops that have 12 ram slots that take 16gb sticks of ram for that tasy total of 192 gb ram

Now, the people that use these type of moster pc's are developers that are making the games you play on your consoles and your pc's, granted, not all devs needs these types of pc's,

but the ones making powerhouse games, streaming the entire game world at once and testing highly complex ai and physics algorithms sure like having headroom.

Honestly, if the console makers were smart (don't count on it) they would put 16 gb ram in the next consoles, it will be a PC norm by 2015

No one ever thinks about the future in future terms, you are stuck right where you are now, you cannot imagine anything beyond your nose.
You assume things will stay the same.
Everything is in flux!

Thats why so many people are so very uncreative.

Think about it

New Xbox comes out in 2012 holiday, will be around to about 2018 holiday, you think 4 gb ram will seem like a lot then

In 2018 I will probably have 12 gb ram in my iphone and 64 gb in my desktop and we will be on DDR7

so, keep thinking 4gb ddr3 will be enough

then think about where everything else will be in 2018
Bladesfist  +   1341d ago
No sorry. I use UDK and Unity, Adding ram past 12 gbs will not help development.
1PC2PS33360  +   1341d ago
you use the consumer 3 gig unreal download version that lets you "play" with the engine, how many AAA MMO's have you made with 25 gb of in game assets ?
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Bladesfist  +   1341d ago
The dev engines scale down textures and other ram users while developing so they take alot less ram.
SandWitch  +   1341d ago
10GB is doubtful, current Xbox 360 has only 512MB RAM, so I would say it will be around 4GB. Unless next-gen Xbox will have some big operating system, which would require more memory.
Bladesfist  +   1341d ago
First of all PC's need more ram for our os and multitasking, I only have 4gb of ram and Windows uses 30% of it. So xbox will only need around 4gb - 6gb
MasterCornholio  +   1341d ago
May i pre warm your crack pipe sir?

I am guessing 4 GBs of high speed ram 8 GBs at the most.
Kingscorpion1981  +   1341d ago
Its going to cost a lot of money. Hopefully they have more exclusives for it.
jacen100  +   1341d ago
laffff 10 gig how much will the system cost then .
wait a moment its ment to be running a version of windows aswell so there gonna need a stupid ammount of ram, i bet they will leave part of the system upgradable also just to be different.

windows 7 takes a stupid ammont of ram to install , over 10 i think
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KING_KAI  +   1340d ago
over 10 what?gigs? XD
you can install w7 on 1gb of ram, wtf are you smoking?!
jacen100  +   1340d ago
sorry i ment hdd space not ram , but i bet u that it will run windows and they will leave part of the system to be upgradable just to be different and try stand out from the crowd.
deeming there console a pc console hybrid =FAIL
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ChickeyCantor  +   1340d ago
" windows 7 takes a stupid ammont of ram to install , over 10 i think"

To install?

Consoles don't have a resource heavy " OS ".
jacen100  +   1340d ago
if they run windows like what the new ms system is supposed to be doing it will need the ram
charmer  +   1341d ago
i hope microsoft do something ridiculous like that...then nintendo can really cash in on the wiiu...games will look just as good as microsoft system since the resolution will not be higher and microsoft can shoot themselves in the foot and bring the system out for 500 or 600 dollars
Saryk  +   1340d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if MS did some weird crap. As I said in the past that this coming gen will be a PC in a box and it looks like it will. Hope it has mouse and keyboard support!
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