No Girls Allowed! My Take on the Recent LAN Party Fuss

GP Editor, Marcus Estrada discusses his opinion on the recent news about PowersGaming banning women from the Battlefield 3 launch LAN party. Are the organizers of the event going too far?

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DoctorQ2583d ago

As a female gamer, lets see how many of the BF3 boys can outrage me.
If anything, i think that PowersGaming was trying to protect those poor boys from actual GamerGals :P

DarkBlood2583d ago

as a dude guys are a$$holes through and through and im sure most would get pissed at the thought of losing to women/girls

for me however id just get pissed at losing lol

ATiElite2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

1. Maybe it was a Gay Male Lan Party.
2. Maybe the womans bathroom was destroyed by PMS Rage and wouldn't be fixed in time.
3. Maybe there was a cooking convention going on that same night.
4. Maybe it was a Lan party for Monks.
5. Boyscout's Lan party maybe
6. Maybe it was secretly sponsored by NAMBLA (eww yuk)

Either way a Lan party without woman (and Beer) is totally GROSS!

Solid_Snake-2583d ago


LAN parties in general are GROSS. if you cant go to a friends house and have a party without dragging your rig along with you then you need to rethink about your life.

girl walks up to guy at LAN party...hey whats your name.....boy says: CAN......NOT.....TALK.....KEYB OARD........FRAPPING........STA RCRAFT 2.........NEED......TO.....HAR VEST. girl: see ya.

ATiElite2582d ago

The Lan parties i go to girls are MOAR than welcome and the ladies are excellent gamers.

Thermaltake Level 10GT is my case of choice for lugging my rig around to Lan Parties....bout as easy as carrying a brief case cause it has the handy dandy handle and my monitor KB/M Headset go into a back pack i got.

Takes 88 seconds to rip my Rig from desk and go.

Urmomlol2583d ago

Funny thing is, if this was an All Female LAN Party, no one would raise an eyebrow.

Bullshit double standards much?

NMC20072583d ago

You are 100% correct. Look at the Frag Dolls & PMS Clan for example, all girls, all the time, no boys allowed, nobody bats an eye. It's ok for women to exclude men at any point and time, but if it's the other way around then it's an outrage. SMFH.

We may as well have a female president, maybe next time.

archemides5182583d ago

it's a little different for a club, compared to a advertised "open" event

this is the same as not wanting any crazy murdering racist people in your home, instead of just your trusted friends

the point with this "LAN Fuss" is that nothing matters except that you're not female, and can pay

archemides5182583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

scratch that....partially

after looking up PMS clan it is a bit sexist though they try to hide it.

if they were really about their mission statement (creating a gaming-friendly environment for women and ALL players), the sex check and restriction would be totally unnecessary, they'd just be looking for people who supported that...but they aren't. there is a similar war over the definition of feminism where some are saying it is equality for all, while others are strictly pro-women. progress means eliminating all the unfair identifiers, not just making them "separate but equal"

chalk me down for raising an eyebrow on this.

SilentNegotiator2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

I'm giving you a full scholarship at my all white university for spotting this inconsistency in our silly, double-standard-filled society of today.

We are indeed a society of double-standards.

DoctorQ2581d ago

Just quietly, I wouldn't go to a LAN party with only girls....
I mean, who do I chat to after I pummel some poor noob at League of Legends?
I'm not going to go and chat with all the other girls, too much estrogen

GrumpyVeteran2583d ago ShowReplies(1)
VAblood__lustMP2583d ago

As a male i think this is fucked up women should have just as much rights to be there. I don't understand why other guys have to be assholes to females, they are just afraid to lose to a girl. When i play against a girl online or when my girlfriend kicks my ass in MK9 i don't get upset at all i think its awesome that females can best me in my games. Besides, some LAN party one big sausage fest with a bunch of guys who barlely go outside.

supertails152583d ago

we have an all black club but an all white club is bad
we have an all female club but an all male club is bad
we have an all black male club but we also have an all white female club....

i dont get it why do we hate white men again

Pozzle2583d ago

Um...really? I mean, I certainly don't agree with the double standards, but it's obvious why they exist. There's a fair bit of history behind white men oppressing people of other races and women.

Just saying.

SuperK2583d ago

Couldnt agree more Pozzle. Its a shame but its true. Wow someone saying something with intelligence in mind. Bubbles to you my friend.

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