Is it Game Over For The Arcades?

The tradition of playing the slots at your local smoke-filled arcade is almost at an end, and not just because of the smoking regulations.
In the past, a wander around a seaside video game arcade was as much a part of the British holiday ritual as fish’n’chips and bad weather. But since the end of the 1990s, and with the rise of home video game consoles, the number of venues has been in rapid decline. In fact, while researching this article, the Funland arcade at the Trocadero in London closed, despite being one of the biggest and most popular in Europe.

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fluffydelusions2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

It's been more or less dead since the mid-90's. I have fond memories of playing arcades at the movie theaters, malls etc when I was younger.

ATi_Elite2459d ago

a question i was asked by a younger gamer once. I feel so sad for today's youth knowing that a weeks worth of hard chores will never pay off by spending an entire Saturday afternoon at the local Mall's arcade.

No parents, no rules just a friendly guy with a key and all the arcade games you could play until your pockets had no more quarters. Arcades were a safe haven for kids, a place where you go and just relax and enjoy the games while your parents shopped in those stupid boring stores. The sites of neon lights, the smell of fresh popcorn, pizza and cotton candy and all the sounds of the games (for some reason Pac Man and Donkey Kong always seemed too loud).

I remember me and 3 other kids sharing money so we could beat TMNT, each taking turns getting cash from our parents so we could continue the game.

great memories and fun times at arcades which now are defunct due to consoles. Dave and Busters are cool but it's not the same cause Arcades where once where all the cool games came out FIRST before going to console.

finding an old Token always brings back memories.

Rainstorm812462d ago

Yes, the arcades died when home consoles caught up.

Now with arguably better experiences on your home console and millions of players to play with/against via online, there is no need to spend 50cents to 1$ a pop on any arcade game....

violent80sarcade822462d ago

I miss all the coin-op classic arcade days too, that was the greatest part of growing up as a child in the 80s & 90s arcade halls,malibu castles,scandia's,random cool arcade's were everywhere pizza shops,7-11 playin sunset-riders,crime-fighters,b ad dudes,tmnt,streetfighter1,xmen ,the simpsons etc lol although i remember as a kid out here in california street gangs would show up and start fights with each other all the time all over la and there would be shootings at the arcades specially in the 1990's..dave & buster arcades suck.