Valve Opens New DotA 2 Servers

More then 112 populated servers were found based in US, Germany and Singapore.

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chak_2308d ago

"more then" *facepalm*

WildArmed2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

I blame Google Translate.....................

...Yeah, not buying it eh?

Raendom2308d ago

Because it's Valve, this may be the first strategy-type game I actually enjoy. I did enjoy LoL until I realised it didn't really require skill - it was just a PvP Diablo with friends and enemy monsters.

shikamaroooo2308d ago

I'm going to miss dota 1's sounds

PandaJenkins2308d ago

My guess is that Dota2 will likely be f2p with micro transactions, with Valve's new direction recently. Won't be surprised if they decide to suddenly release it out of nowhere with something like this happening.