Amazon Discontinues Offering Nintendo 3DS Hardware, Item is Under Review

Nintendo’s latest portable system, the Nintendo 3DS, has been available since late March, but online retailer is no longer offering the hardware due to complaints.

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jc485732492d ago

Depending where the item is being shipped, Amazon really sucks at packaging.

bwazy2491d ago

Amazon is fricking godly.

jc485732491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

I've filed complaints almost every time just because my items came in damaged. Why would you package a limited edition item with bubble wrap? Luckily, they always give me something in return.

2491d ago
fatstarr2491d ago

Amazons packing and speed is second to only new egg.\\

but thats the best way to get a company to make changes.
lets see what nintendo will do i thought this was something super serious.

Canary2491d ago


I love paying extra for overnight shipping, and getting a book in a flimsy paper envelope with a big ol' CREASE down the center.

Or small items in large boxes, that look like they've been beaten with metal bats.

Amazon REALLY sucks.

Regarding these common Wii complaints... Of all the things to complain about with the 3DS, the hardware itself is at the bottom of my list. It's got a loose hinge, but so did the DSi and DSiXL. It also gathers dirt and shows dust/dirt way too much... but that's because Ninty was stupid (just like Sony w/ the original PS3) and decided glossy black was PERFECT.

It ain't.

Raendom2491d ago

Wow. Amazon is the biggest online retailer and they're not going to be stocking them? Several retailers are overcharging... Could the 3DS have had the shortest life cycle of any system ever?

Rainstorm812491d ago

It would be unprecedented for a Nintendo Handheld....for sooo long they were the kings of handheld gaming, guess these other mobile devices are starting to do their damage

morganfell2491d ago

What is the main, publicly known feature of the 3DS?

See what I mean? For too many, 3D in a handheld isn't enough. The lack of advertised social innovation on the 3DS along with the apparent lack of features over prior models is hurting it's sales. Note I said apparent. I do not mean it isn't a leap over it's predecessor, only the public's perception is that it isn't a leap.

--Onilink--2491d ago

wow, talk about commenting without even reading the article. Amazon is the one receiving complaints about how it ships or what the website says about the product, thats all....

fatstarr2491d ago

wtf are you speculating did you not read the article...

its a problem with scratching on the system.

Goozex2491d ago

great time for vita to pick up some of the ds gamers.

kingdavid2491d ago

The fact the 3ds isnt selling too crash hot isnt good news for vita either...

BlmThug2491d ago

Actually Vita Is Totally Different To 3DS. Its A Million Times Better With Way More Features And Games

klecser2491d ago

The launch lineup of Vita is way worse than the 3DS launch lineup and future current titles. Name all the "great" titles on PSP. There are very few.

Buuhan12491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

I originally had one in layaway but had to cancel it. I am so so happy I did. I was only getting it for two reasons.

1) Megaman Legends 3.
2) Cause I missed out on the entire DS library.

Well, MML3 is sadly canceled (fuck you, Capcom) and really... there's nothing coming out that I want on the platform, so the only reason to get it for me over a cheap DS would be cause it is future proof... but at the rate sales and reception are going for the 3DS... future proof it is not.

jc485732491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

you have a lot to catch up buddy. many rare games.

Buuhan12490d ago

What's with the disagrees? Nintendo fanboys? I said I intend to get an original DS.

Neo Nugget2491d ago

I like all the unnecessary doomsday posts here.

Rainstorm812491d ago

Minuscule compared to the million deaths the PS3 has had on N4G....

With the 3DS starting off just as shaky its not surprising..

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