DICE: "We hadn't expected anyone to reach lvl 50 in BFBC"

Patrick Bach and Lars Gustavsson talking about Battlefield 3, what went wrong in the Bad Company games and what has changed.

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trainsinrdr2583d ago

Dice obviously underestimated the might of the lifeless gamers.

Solid_Snake-2583d ago

activision know your gonna get 10th prestige. it says in the manual: to gain 10th prestige please play a few games till some annoying kid messages you with an option for a 10th prestige lobby. join and pay him with your soul and hey presto.


i actually worked my way up to 10th prestige in modern warfare 2 but decided to stay at 9th since everyone thinks you hack and shi+ on 10th...

PRHB HYBRiiD2583d ago

@hinderization lol what? that's like running a marathon and then just quit at the finish line.

nickjkl2582d ago

i only played until i got to an emblem i liked

PRHB HYBRiiD2583d ago

its really hard to level up in bc2 im at 34 and it takes forever to just go up one level....i kinda like it that is hard to level up but once u reach level 23 or something u already unlocked everything so ur basically done with mp... i hope they don't implement a prestige system that would suck .

F7-2583d ago


Game play time?

PRHB HYBRiiD2583d ago

@ F7-
113 hours 8 minutes skill level 199

BLuKhaos2582d ago


Lmao dude you telling me? I've been playing BFBC2 since day one and I have about 367 hours of gameplay time yet I'm only at level 45!

PRHB HYBRiiD2582d ago

@BluKhaos fuck -.- and i had a bit of faith that i would reach level 50 before BF3 came out..i think i might make it to 40 lol

XI_-Minty-_IX2582d ago

Your score-per-minute determines how quickly you're gonna hit 50. I got there at around 250 hours because I played extra aggressively and tossed out ammo boxes everywhere I went and had an SPM of 350. Nowadays (at 550+ hours playtime) it's back down to 330 because I'm working on platinuming all guns.

wicko2582d ago

Yeah, almost rank 30 after 75 hours. I hope BF3 is the same way, I'll try for max rank this time. Score per minute for me is 225 - never really worried about it to be honest.

Ares842582d ago

I know what you mean. I'm at rank 40 and it takes 250thousand points for the next rank. Thing is I got all pins and medals so the big points are gone. All I can rely on now is getting gold and platinum stars for the guns and it's not much. Every 100th kill gives you a new star for a gun. It takes a LLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOONNNNNNGGG time to level up now.

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Danielmccue2583d ago

From the description :

"(skip the shit part with the german boy talking and jump right to 5:30) "

How the hell was this approved?

frostypants2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

I see all these level 50s and cannot believe anyone could play the game enough to get there.

Does playing Rush get you points faster than Conquest? Beause I play Conquest exclusively, and finish #1 on my team about 25% of the time, and in the top 3 nearly 100% of the time, and I swear I'd have to play for 3 hours a day every day for the next 6 months to get anywhere near level 50. And I'm level 36 right now.

A game of Conquest can take 30 minutes, with the highest score typically being around 2500 or so. Yet I've seen people with scores of 4500 after a 15 minute round of Rush. DICE needs to balance this out in BF3.

One thing I've noticed though is that as a result of this slow progression, many of the people who are level 25 or so tend to be just as good as the level 50s. Level 50 just doesn't mean much.

Ja555on2583d ago

I'm level 50 and I always play rush, a good way to get point is to play cold war as a medic and just put down medkits where most of your team are and revive anyone who dies, no rambo reviving though

NewMonday2582d ago

i do think rush gets you to lvl50 faster.

medals also stack the score, if you constantly do different stuff your points will double from the medals.

showtimefolks2582d ago

while COD any noob like me can pick up and play i tried to get into BC2 and got my ass handed to me but when i tried play any COD instant kill streaks lol

so to me COD might me more fun but if i know i want to be good BC3 is where i am gonna be at

seinfan2582d ago

I swear I have seen this comment almost exactly on some other article on this site a while back.

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Chocoboh2583d ago

I got to level 50 I think General of the Army if that is level 50 I'm not sure cause I haven't played the game in ages lol

Time Played 3d, 20hr, 20min, 22sec <-- pulled from my profile which I haven't checked in ages

chak_2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

20d 3h 48m :D

On that account, still have more + 120H of beta.

And no BF3 key :(

MidnytRain2583d ago


I don't see how anyone can put in 33 days of a game in.

NewMonday2583d ago

i'm addicted, i play it daily

phinch2583d ago

Just out of curiosity how old are you? and are you in full time employment, because i enjoy my gaming and i can clock up some hours, but thats an awful lot man

bozebo2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

33, wow. Most days I've had in a game was about 23 in CoD4 across xbl and PC and I played at a competitive level. 150 000 Kills, mostly in S&D.

33 though... amazed. I have a friend with over 50 in WoW but that game actively tries to waste time...

radphil2583d ago


I have 26d for TF2, so it's not unrealistic. And this is with a full time job too.

MidnytRain2582d ago

Maybe I just don't play as relentlessly as you guys, lol. I saw a guy near the top of the Uncharted 2 leaderboards that put in over 100 days. It's probably more now.

NewMonday2582d ago

i'm 32 with a full time job and a family, the game is always on.

KingZFlipper2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

I had a guy on my friends list who played 54 days of MW2. He stopped playing it July 2010, Eight months after the release of MW2. THAT is insane!

evrfighter2582d ago

im pretty sure i put almost 200 days in FFXI

about 80'ish in WoW

Veeger2582d ago

745 hours (31 days) and I won't stop until BF3. Nothing compares to BF. I got my lvl 50 a year ago in about 300 hours.

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Septic2583d ago

I really can't wait to see how consoles pull of jet battles in BF3.

How is the map going to be drawn? Will the draw distance be really bad? I doubt it because that would be really jarring and take away from all the efforts made on the visual side of things.

Just playing BC2 today, I look around and I see huge maps, lots of attention detail on distant surroundings such as frigates, scripted jets flying over head shooting on the ground etc and I think- BC2 was really a stop-gap or test for battlefield 3.

I honestly cannot wait for this game. I really hope its great.

Motorola2583d ago

Consoles wont have a problem with the jet battles.. It's not like they are taking the same graphics from the maxed out PC version, so they might not have to dramatically decrease the draw distance.
This worries me because using a Keyboard and Mouse for flying vehicles never turns out well...there's always that one guy that doesn't know how to fly it and they waste it...

bumnut2583d ago

You can use a stick to fly aircraft in battlefield games.

Motorola2583d ago

I know but too bad you can't just use a 360 controller....

HAF9122583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

you can use a 360 controller. where did you get that you cant? I played with a guy the other day who said he was doing it. Following his method, i was able to get my ps3 controller to work.

Google is your friend.

just dont try aiming with it lol... thats slaughter.

I still prefer kbm as i got good at flying with that now... but you do have the option.

bozebo2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

kbm works well with the huey in vietnam but I can barely fly the ones in normal bc2 >_< - only need the UMP anyway :P

The flying in san andreas on PC with kbm is great, and so is star wars battlefront 2. I recall bf 2142 being a bit bad for flight controls, but EA's junk servers wouldn't save my progress so I stopped playing that game before I had a chance to learn.

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Wenis2583d ago

Planes in BF1943 worked great. I have no doubt jets in BF3 will be even better.

Trunkz Jr2583d ago

I played 1943 on the PS3, it's possible for jets...

frostypants2583d ago

BF:1943 on the consoles had aircraft and they worked just fine. Jets in BF2 were faster, but not a TON faster, than the WW2 fighters in 1942 and 1943.

As long as they keep the speeds down to a reasonable level, they'll be fine on the console maps.

What I'm worried about is the 12v12 limitation. If they offer planes AND choppers on the same map...say, 2 jets and 2 choppers per the math. 2 jet pilots, 2 guys in the attack chopper, and 5 guys in the transport chopper...that's 75% of the entire team up in the air at a time. I'm worried that the air/ground ratio will be screwed up a bit on the consoles if they don't properly limit the number of air vehicles available per map.

BF1943 didn't have this issue as it only had fighters (i.e. no helicopters).

ASSASSYN 36o2583d ago

Jet battles on a console will be a hell of a lot easier that a mouse with a keyboard. Of course pc's have the option of flight stick. It will probably work just like front lines fuel of war did.

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CrimsonEngage2583d ago

They didn't expect any too? It's not hard. All you have to do is be good at the game or have no life.

LVL 50 in 3 months here.

theonlylolking2583d ago

I take it you are saying that you are good at the game?

Everyone has a life and has a right to do what they want with their live. You should not judge someone by what they do with their life but because you are not

And remember, have nice day

CrimsonEngage2583d ago

Preach to someone else. I don't give a damn.

bozebo2583d ago

Or play medic a lot...

hiredhelp2583d ago

My jaws still on the table from the last video i seen. Roll on october.