COD4 Co-op, New Nintendo Handheld & More in Pro-G Rumour mill

Pro-G's writes:

"Co-op play for Call of Duty 4
The Rumour: While Call of Duty 4 is a truly amazing single and multiplayer FPS, it's lacking one thing: co-op play. Well, we've heard that it might not be missing forever.

Verdict: Adding cooperative play to a game post-release isn't unheard of. Rare added co-op to Kameo and with downloadable content being all the rage these days, we wouldn't put it past Infinity Ward to deliver the goods. Don't bank on it though.

Plausibility rating: 2/5"

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XXXRATED3974d ago

were has this guy been it works great on my ps3! too bad xbox can't do it.

Grown Folks Talk3974d ago

not multi-player. not team based or free for all, co-op. going through the storyline with actual people playing with you.

jackdoe3974d ago

I doubt that they would add post release co-op. It probably wasn't included because of engine stability issues.

Wii60PS3DSPSP3974d ago

As if Nintendo needs a new handheld right now. Though it could be the next gameboy because the DS was called a "third pillar".

OOG FunK3974d ago

I say the co op may be possible I heard rumors about that a while ago maybe being a download...but until then I will just have to kill my friends on xbox live thats alll

jinn3974d ago

just when i got a ds last week