The State of FPS Games 2011

FPS games are the dominate genre in gaming. From PC to console gaming has many fps games on these platforms. Some better than others. The question for gamer's are they good enough? Are we playing the best ones, and what do they need to get better. discusses the subject of FPS games in 2011.

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Gaetano2581d ago

I think they're fine. I get plenty of enjoyment out of the genre, and as long as games like Far Cry 3, Bioshock Infinite etc. keep getting released, there is a good balance between story-driven and multiplayer-driven experiences. People (snotty, pretentious gamers) need to stop bitching.

firefoxprime2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Maybe it's cuz I'm easter culture appeals to me more than western. I can still balance my shooters with my ARPGs/fighters(KH/Tekken), but something about creating a feriocious combo on your opponent makes gets me excited. Probably from watching power rangers instead of GiJoe80s. Yup. Must be it. Ninjas/Martial artists are cooler to me than army men.

Dwalls11712580d ago

I hated bf2 so not waisting money on gonna get mw3 cuz I no thats wat everybody and theit mother will be playing lol.... Like really even most girls I no play call of duty its crazy..

Ducky2580d ago

C'mon man, buy Bf3 and be a hipster.

Dwalls11712580d ago

Bf sucks lol..the multiplayer is slow and their trying to beef up the graphics and be like killzone.. To be honest resistance 3 might be better then both lol

LadyGaga2580d ago

@dwalls 1171

The best FPS to be released this year is ten years old.

consolez_FTW2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )'re getting MW3 because it's the "cool" thing to do and you are judging BF3 just on how BF2 was,they are years apart.

Secondly, Don't make me sound off the Grammar Nazi Alarm! It is dangerous for you to post a comment with so many spelling errors. They might just find you.

Ser2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

I agree with FatOldMan.

Battlefield 3 is the true hipster choice.

(Also, from what I've played in the BF3 alpha, BF3 doesn't really play like BF2.)

StarWolf2580d ago

ill be playing games that i enjoy. passing on both hyped overrated generic military shooters in BF3 and MW3.

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thespaz2580d ago

Quite frankly... I'm growing tired of FPS games. I think the industry is burning me out on the first person point of view. I like to see who I'm playing as sometimes.

Lately, I've been playing Infamous 2, GTA IV, Skate 3 and Uncharted 2. I'm starting to really love the third person view in these games and now when I play first person shooters, it seems too up in your face and the animations don't look right to me.

TheKingslayer2579d ago


That's interesting. You think the variety in those games you've been playing, have given you a better appreciation for different genres other than FPS?