Virtua Tennis 4 PC Performance Analysis

DSOGaming writes: "Virtua Tennis has been with us for quite some time. Its debut was on Dreamcast and Arcades and since then, we’ve seen the series coming to almost every major consoles and PC. Virtua Tennis 4 feels like a rehash of 2009’s version with some console-only features – like Move support for PS3 – and a polished World Tour mode. So time to see how the game performs with a modern-day PC."

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PS360PCROCKS2492d ago

"So we went ahead and tried the game with only one CPU core and although the CPU usage in our single-core CPU was maxed out, the game ran with constant 60fps."

haha wow...a single core CPU and a GTX295 with only 40% utilization maxed out at 1080p, 3D and running at constant 60FPS? lol wow...I could get some serious frames running this game on my PC haha

Gran Touring2492d ago

I got this game, it doesn't really look that great. Runs fast yeah, but it's really just a console port.

PS360PCROCKS2492d ago

that's what the article was saying. It's a true console port in every conceivable way. Xbox 360 runs it at 60FPS also. i wonder what the utilization is on the xbox though. We'll never know, but 1 core and less than half utilization of a few years old card is pretty hilarious.