GamesRadar: Kinect Star Wars: The Podracing is Pretty OK

Our last preview of Kinect Star Wars was less than kind. The simple act of moving a Jedi through a totally linear, droid-filled tube was so laborious and unresponsive that Chris dubbed it "the worst thing that's ever existed." I can happily say the newly announced podracing section of the game is nowhere near as troublesome, and dare I say it was actually fun?

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allyc4t2406d ago

This could be pretty fun.

EVILDEAD3602406d ago

I'm sure the developer heard the demo criticism. Hopefully they will improve on it. But, the truth is that was only one portion of the game.

Pod Racing as well as other types of gameplay are supposed to make the final package. From what I saw there is definately potential, heres to hoping they pull it off. I already feel like I have force powers when I play Child of Eden, it would be cool to have them in the authentic Star Wars game universe.


N4SIR2406d ago

hahahahahaha! know the feeling... when i play no more heroes i feel like i'm actually hitting someone with a sword....

VictoriousB132406d ago

Why do you always have to end your comment with "Evil"? It's really lame.


tbergen12406d ago

Yeah could be....but there is only one pod racer game in my mind that was awesome and will always be the best.

That's right....the N64 pod racer was sweet and you all agree with me, don't kid yourselves

PirateThom2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

The Sega arcade version was good as well, but only because the cabinet was a replica of a pod racer and used the individual thrust controls for the left and right engines.

2406d ago
HaHa_Ostrich2406d ago

I love star wars, but so far the hands on reactions were horrible for on foot sections and OK for pod racing. Thats not good. I want great star wars game thats not a MMO. I wish Bioware would make KOTOR3.

DeadlyFire2406d ago

Spark Unlimited hosts a 3rd person action/adventure Star Wars game I believe. Just a matter of time on when its announced though.

HaHa_Ostrich2405d ago

I wikied the studio and I am not impressed. The ratings of their latest games are not great. We shall see.

DeadlyFire2404d ago

I don't think it will be too bad. Budget has alot to do with it. LA is funding this I believe. Lucasarts hired dude that directed Republic Commando and Jedi Knight games a few months ago. So I am expecting greatness or at least decent quality title. Likely its one of three things. 1.Battlefront, 2.Jedi Knight, 3.Force Unleashed

I like 2 of the three options. 3rd one I might like if its done the RIGHT way.