Bastion Review (EmptyLifebar)

"Something I’ve noticed about XBLA games is that they come in two types. Some center around unique ideas that only lend themselves to short experiences and a downloadable format at budget price. Quadrupling the play time of Limbo and putting it out as a retail title for example, would almost completely ruin the experience."

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The Matrix2554d ago

First sub 80% review that I have seen so far.

TheGreatGazoo2554d ago

The demo didn't really impress. This seems spot on

Chuk52554d ago

you played a demo for an rpg, so you haven't played everything. I personally think the games is at least an 8.5

TheFatMachismo2554d ago

I thought this game was fantastic. Should have been a perfect 10(or 5).

vacantmind2554d ago

So this is how summer of Arcade is going to start off? Last year's arcade games were all pretty amazing (as I recall.)

GreasyBacon322554d ago

What's up with white haired protagonists!

Raichu502553d ago

Not many of them these days

CuboneSoup2553d ago

Hope from FFXIII had white hair.....sorta.