Gadgehit Review: Tritton AX 720 Gaming Headset

Gadgehit writes: "If you’re looking for a gaming headset, there are really only two brands that you’ll usually hear of – Turtle Beach and Tritton. One of the most highly recommended gaming headsets out there is the Tritton AX 720."

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lalalala2522d ago

Seems reasonable for under £100, but the turtle beach headsets have really come down in price, I've seen some for under £40.

BioDemon-2522d ago

You get what you pay for.

ShabbaRanks2522d ago

I tried the Tritton 720's, Tritton AxPro's and Astro A30's… For the price all I can say is that the 720's are UBER !

TooTall192522d ago

I really like the AxPro headset.

hyabusha2522d ago

Agreed. Ax Pro's all day.


Fuck the 720's mine just stopped working one day all I can hear is incoming voices and chopped up audio. Go with Astro's

ShabbaRanks2522d ago

I have Astros at the moment... A30s, cuz I dont like the big A40s... Expensive tho :S

Raider692521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

thats a bug on the som driver's you can go to tritton web and try to download a new drivers set.But if you can go for the Astro's A40s,they simply destroy 720's even the A30s sound better than the 720's i know because i had try them all!The 720's dont sound good out of the box and even after spending more than 6 your tweaking then with som drivers presets for tritton web page they did not achieve astros category.In the 720's every game you seem to have to use a sound preset to achieve top quality,not to mention having to tweak the sound presets in almost every game.On the Astro's you just need out of the box sound because the preset is Uber in every game,and if you have the mixamp 5.8hz you can even tune the bass that was just the thing missing on the normal mixamp of the wirred Astro's.