Batman: Arkham City Robin + Joker Action Figure Twin Pack Announced Mattel and DC Comics: A Heroic Partnership Panel has revealed the first image of the Batman: Arkham City Robin + Joker action figure twin pack.

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trainsinrdr2434d ago

I laugh at the people who actually want these things.

william25022433d ago

Then you my friend, are a fool. Remember there was a time when people who considered gaming a hobby, were laughed at.

*On topic*
These look pretty sweet, and I will be picking up both the Batman/Two-Face & the Robin/Joker sets. And a Riddler one if they release one.

NanoSoldier2433d ago

Laugh as much as you can. I have a Marcus Fenix Action Figure and I'm proud of it. Gaming is my Hobby. And these Batman figures are amazing.