The Average Gamer: Rugby World Cup 2011 – Hands-on Preview

Nick Silversides from The Average Gamer checks out the Official Rugby World Cup 2011 game. See what he had to say about the game:

"When it comes to the player’s likenesses, it’s quite funny recognising them during a match. What’s even stranger is the control you finally have over them. No longer do you have to sit idly by, screaming at the TV or from the stands as they screw up a perfectly good overlap. Now you can go for that overlap, make that pass and score the winning try. Or screw it up, just like the real players do."

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jony_dols2527d ago

I'm buying both RWC 2011 (for the international teams) & Rugby Challenge (for the Heineken Cup) day 1!

4 years of waiting and rugby fans are getting 2 games within a few weeks of each other!

S_C2526d ago

Same here been waiting all this gen for a tidy rugby game and then 2 come along at once, Cant fault that, playing a rugby game online is gonna be class , roll on August 2nd when i have a little taster as to what the games im going to be buying day 1 is like ....Mann we have waited a long time for this :)