The Top 8 Potential Worlds for Kingdom Hearts 3

BT: 'So today, we are going to take a quick look at a list of worlds that I feel have a lot of potential for Kingdom Hearts 3. As with all my lists, there’s a rule that needs to be followed: I’m limiting the list to worlds that have yet to appear in any of the Kingdom Hearts games. So no Coliseum, no Wonder Land, no Atlantica, and so forth. So let’s take a look at eight worlds that we’ll hopefully being seeing in the Kingdom Hearts universe some time soon.'

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NukaCola2548d ago

Jungle Book
Andy's Room/Pizza Planet/Sid's (Toy Story)
The Bayou (Princess and the Frog)

Mayle2548d ago

Marvel, Pixar, and The Rescuers

ReservoirDog3162548d ago

Never thought about Robin Hood for it before! That would be so good.

FEARprototype2548d ago

man i just wish the drop the whole Disney thing and go the mature way. but everybody know that it wont happen and maybe am the only one wishing for this. but without Disney, there wouldn't be kingdom hearts.. so am suppose to shut my mouth now cuz am contraindicating myself.

Quagmire2548d ago

The only reason I like KH games is BECAUSE of the Disney elements. Take them out, and all you've got left is a Kids version of Final Fantasy

NukaCola2548d ago


You want an adult game that plays like KH, but without the Disney, then FFversusXIII will be your answer. I personally think that KH started a bit kiddy but after the first 10 hours of game play, it got really mature in it;'s story and the series (minus the DS game) all have very deep and mature stories. The series is almost as complicated as MGS when you look at it. The overall story is definitely not for kids to understand, tho the non violence of shapes as enemies generally sems kid friendly. I like where it sits, between family friendly and hardcore mature....IT's not casual though, a hardcore game anyone can enjoy.

FEARprototype2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

like i said on my comment. without Disney, there is no kingdom heart. people just want to find flaws on others and then bush them...what i sad thing. the problem with the game is the conversation between the characters.. is just not interesting and most of the level design are very simple. but in they end i like kingdom heart and i wish the best for the series^^
i guess your right and hope FFversusXIII deliver

TheRichterBelmont2547d ago

Robin Hood would be sweet as long as it doesn't have that damn Chicken with the Banjo.

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