If you Could Only Buy One More Game This Year - These Are What We Would Pick

GamerEuphoria wrote:

"We have now officially passed the half way point of 2011 – and already we have had several must-buy titles. As always, we’re in the middle of the ’summer draught,’ where the rate of games being released declines compared to the start of the year. As publishers are holding back all of their titles for the holiday season – we gamers finally get time to finish up the games we’ve purchased, let our wallets recover somewhat, and decide what titles to get this holiday season. It’s usually hard enough to budget all the great games – but this year is going to be even harder!
Here’s the scenario we worked with. Unfortunately, due to the recession you’re left with only enough spare cash to bag you one title for the rest of the year. We know it’s a hard decision, and the thought may even scare some of you; but which single game would you choose?"

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NukaCola2434d ago


If one is all I get, i'll get the game that's 300 hours of content.

BiggCMan2434d ago

Dark Souls for me. I would hate not having Skyrim, Uncharted, Twisted Metal, and Resistance 3, but Dark Souls is just looking incredible, and that too will have hundreds of hours of gameplay in it just like Demon's Souls did.

EVILDEAD3602434d ago

VERY HARD to argue with NukaCola

Skyrim would be an amazing choice and can't wait to lose my life into that world..but I would also say with the 4-layer campaign, ending gthe trilogy, and the ridiculous amount of Multiplayer content that Epic through into Gears of War 3..that would have to be my first choice. Difficult though..

Thank god I will own em' all


RedDead2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Shi*, hope no one saw my tard mistake
Skyrim for me anyway

trainsinrdr2434d ago


room4142434d ago

i would say skyrim but it'll likely be buggy as hell when it releases...i 'll wait till it gets patched

uncharted 3 for me

paintsville2434d ago

If I could buy two games the next would be RAGE.

DaTruth2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Gonna have to say Dark Souls! All I really care about is DS and UC3 for 2011, but all this Skyrim hype is getting me interested!

I wasn't really into RPG's before the past few years, so Skyrim hasn't really popped up on my radar, but the few vids I've seen, and the hype from the RPG community is making me really consider this above most other titles for the year in a really convoluted quality game environment!

Lol @ disagrees! It's an opinion piece and all the comments are opinions! It's okay to disagree with someone's opinions, but this is neither the time nor place!

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Inside_out2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Nothing comes close to the value of Gears of war. Single Player, 4 player co-op, Horde mode with all new Beast mode and multi-player. The 320 GB 360 S Gears bundle looks great as well.

A very close second is COD MW3, the game that millions will buy day one, and lets face it, so will

Honorable mention goes to...

Resistance 3...look fantastic.

Skyrim...big and epic sounding.

Rage could be a potential massive hit.

Forza 4 looks incredible...

Halo Anniversary...C'mon it's


Witcher 2...might turn into a buy but it's a rental first. The PC had issues which they say are fixed....we'll see.

Uncharted looks ok, lots of cut-scenes ( again ) makes a decent rental. Multi-player looks interesting this time...we'll see.

Kinect...some interesting titles. Kinect sports 2 seems like a obvious buy...we'll see.

Battlefield 3...the game is a mess. Broken lighting and clunky animations. A rental will suffice. COD launches 2 weeks later, save your money. Watch and see...o_O

Bodycount...this one could turn into a buy but not sure what to make of the controls and sci-fi plot but the multi-player could be a winner.

DaTruth2433d ago

I take that last part back!

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RememberThe3572434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

I want R3 the most, but I agree. If it was only one game I'd go with Skyrim. More game for the money.

Solid_Snake-2434d ago

Battlefield 3 hands down.

ill pirate the rest. j/k

Micro_Sony2434d ago


coolbeans2434d ago

Bear in mind that 300 hours of content part also falls under Star Wars: TOR.

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bwazy2434d ago

It might not be released THIS year (maybe), but hands down Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars 1 provided me with over 3000 hours of awesome gameplay. I can't wait for the sequel.

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LOGICWINS2434d ago

Uncharted 3. Single Player Campaign. Co-op. Competitive multiplayer. I'll be busy for a LOOONG time.

SweatyFlorida2434d ago

Uncharted gets my vote as well :)

Dark Souls being a close runner-up

icewater852434d ago

UC3 gets my vote. With the campaign and the multi-player I don't need any other game. But I would buy the other games on Jan 1 2012.

gravemaker2434d ago

Skyrim, 300hours of gameplay

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