Are Developers Right In Asking For Next Gen Consoles?

RandomProdInc write: "Developers of all sizes, from Crytek to Epic to Avalanche Games, have been calling for the next generation consoles to be announced and released for a while now. Are they right in doing so? We look at why they are calling for these consoles and whether other people involved in the industry agree."

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TomInc2552d ago

Yes, because they want to see their ideas in the best form. If they feel this can't be achieved in current gen it's totally fair.

LOGICWINS2552d ago

I don't see a problem with devs wanting new consoles if they feel their work could be better represented on them. Its none of my business really.

The only thing I do is decide whether or not I want to buy these new consoles.

RememberThe3572552d ago

Yep. They can putout all the new consoles they want, but that doesn't mean I'll buy them. I'm not ready for the next gen so I'll stay right where I'm at until I'm good and ready. That'll probably be some time in the next 2 years or so ;)

LadyGaga2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Developers don't have right to ask for anything with the number of mediocre experiences being released and re-released this gen.

@ logicwins

If the devs get their way, new consoles are released, and I have to spend 500 dollars to play Halo, Uncharted all over again when these excellent games don't need a new console to improve yet.

LOGICWINS2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

But no ones forcing u to buy these "mediocre" you shouldn't be bothered by it.

"If the devs get their way, new consoles are released, and I have to spend 500 dollars to play Halo, Uncharted all over again when these excellent games don't need a new console to improve yet."

lol, u don't HAVE to do anything.

Ducky2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

You don't want uncharted to look like this?
Well, without the missing heads ofcourse. =)

Meh, I doubt most of us know what technological hurdles devs have to over-come, so if they feel they need newer hardware, then they certainly have a right to express their opinion/desire.
Consumers have a right to express theirs, and when both sides have a majority that wants new consoles, a new console will arrive then.

JsonHenry2552d ago

I would have been happy with new consoles two years ago personally.

specialguest2552d ago

I would assume that it would be more beneficial for devs to develop on 5-6 years old tech than on next-gen tech, since the cost should be less expensive.

RevXM2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

First line of next gen games will pretty much be like PC DX11 games, BF3, metro etc and those are clearly profitable titles.
Pc games = cheap even though the platform is virtually limitless as the hardware can be replaced with something noticeably better every year.
And PC devs also need to take in to account that not all pc's are the same and therefore you can adjust the settings and that would require some work.
To scale textures, models, physics, amounts of non baked lights etc. and yet you can get brand new games at steam for 40-60 bucks.

More expensive is just an excuse.
This and the next gen will be so similar that the jump in cost should barely be noticeable.

The reason why this gen was a jump is mainly because of things like hiring real actors and writers, and 3rd party people and services (buying or renting stuff such as mocap studios)
Some studios even had crew travelling around to take photos of plants and architecture.

What new can the next gen bring with it that devs dosnt deal with today?
Some will just have more people testing and polishing, coding and making items/props.

Micro_Sony2552d ago

That controller is beast - where can I get one?

d3nworth12552d ago

I would agree if the majority of recent games pushed current hardware but there're only a hand full that do and alot of them still have performance issues. I say when more multiplats match the console exclusives then it's time for a new gen.

Angrymorgan2551d ago

It's unfair really, multiplatform games are being held back by the weaker console, I'm a 360 gamer and I'd be pretty mad if I was a pc gamer and spent a shed load of cash on a gaming rig just to play 360 ports, just my opinion.

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gamerirish2552d ago

its the cry of the day man, even if they were introduced an year earlier it would have been cool with me, it didnt use to be the same a decade earlier, but now if you can see things tech stuff get obsolete in months at times, so they are right, nice article mate

Dan_Vivian2552d ago

To be honest, the current generation of consoles still work, and after playing some to the supposed "grade a" titles that have come out so far this year, there is obviously more work to be done with the games. Once the games really start to suffer, that's when the new consoles will be needed.

yen8882552d ago

Yeh that's a good point, when games start to be truely limited by the hardware should the new generation arrive although that might of already happened

Ducky2552d ago

... but how do you determine if a game is suffering from developers or from hardware?

Jobesy2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

When devs have a hard time making games that can run at least 720p natively @ 60 fps.

Many games are incorporating 3D, but at the expense of graphics (see Killzone 3). This is because of the current tech limitations. People want at least 720p, 60fps and 3D. We need new hardware for this, period.

EDIT: Also, look at the limitations of the Xbox360 discs, when you have to start using more than 1 disc thats another sign for change.

nickjkl2552d ago

dont ever bring up resolution and frame rate like its hard to achieve if devs wanted 1080p 60 fps they could do it it just wont look the same

same with new consoles if devs repeated what they did this gen with resolution and frame rate are we going to say we need new hardware

if you are asking for new consoles just so games can get better graphically you might as well go play on pc

we should be asking for new consoles when the consoles we have are incapable of providing the power necessary of gameplay changing ideas

RevXM2551d ago

Do we want half assed performance games?
Devs have a standard they generally dont make games that peforms worse than an average 28 FPS @ 720p.
So we could wait like forever to see that happening.

There is always more you can do with most hardware.
But I tell you that Ps3 wont deliver that much better graphics than it currently does.

I think we should judge wether or not a new gen is needed by the hardware and possibilites of it.

Performance and features!
Current high end hardware is 10 times more powerful than ps3, and you can get easily 15 times the ram that is in a ps3 and Harddrives are to be replaced with SSD's with their way superior performances.

a new gen also opens up for new features. like say:
Automatic Cloud saving!

more customization, notification stuff like the Vita gets and apps.

Control your TV, stereo etc from your console.
Editing programs / apps
A decent web browser that gets updated.
Wider use and support of accesories.

I guess almost everything is possible.

colonel1792552d ago

I think that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be the last game to showcase and utilize as most as possible from the PS3. It will be the God of War 2 of this generation. Still, I think we have two more years left in this generation. The new consoles will be released until 2013 most likely. 2012? out of the question, just the Wii U.

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