False Links Between Gaming and the Attacks in Norway Will Not Bring Answers

Joseph Jackmovich of Delta Gamer discusses why taking a killer at his word will do no good when it comes to discovering the truth behind the attacks of July 22. He writes that drawing false conclusions between video games and the shootings is irresponsible and wrong.

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-Alpha2551d ago

Don't tell us, tell them

SpinalRemains1382551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Like every crazy fuck before and in the future.............the crazy was there long before the game was loaded. Games do not incite people to kill other people. Simple as that. As humans we are smart enough to seperate fantasy from reality. Most of us anyway. For those that cannot, no blame can be put upon any fantsy based activity. The person and their actions are to blame.

I say bring the supposed "gaming connection" on. Let every connection get smashed to bits so that we can finally stop having this debate.
- Are we seriously supposed to believe that had this asshole not had a copy of Black Ops to "train" with, that the 85 people in that camp would still be here? That's so fucking ludicrous I can't go there.