Starhawk Allows Shared XP Between Online and Offline

TGH Writes: "Sitting down with Harvard Bonin the Senior Producer over Starhawk we got a chance to talk about many things. Namely the fact that I personally felt that the online wasn’t very meaningful with the badges in Warhawk. It seems that Harvard and the rest of the team over at Lightbox Interactive has heard my prayers and implemented a new XP system along with a new ranking system. I asked him to elaborate on this and to my joy, he did."

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Rob9462282d ago

Pretty excited for this game :D

LadyGaga2282d ago


This is an excellent idea and needs to be implemented in more competitive games.

Gray-Fox-Type02282d ago

I agree :) But I hope people support it and play it, looks like a real blast of fun :D

trainsinrdr2282d ago

Resistance 2 also did that.

ShadyDevil2282d ago

Are you sure? Oh yeah! it did for the Co-op mode.

grailly2282d ago

it's pretty cool, it also allows cross-mode trophies which I like

XboxInnovation2282d ago

Another facking shooter on PS3 with XP? Def not looking forward to this game now.

Fanbot2282d ago

warhawk = game based on XP
starhawk = warhawk sequel

what do you expect?

Nitrowolf22282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

uh what you mean? You don't want a level system in the game? That's what keeps games going.
It's more then just a shooter to and at least it's not a FPS.

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The story is too old to be commented.