Starhawk: No Campaign Co-Op & Future DLC Discussed

Starhawk will be focused on the online community and how people can play together. However, one such mode that will not allow for co-op will be the game’s story mode and Lightbox is sharing details on why that decision was made.

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Abash2493d ago

Well they already said that they'll have a 4 player online and offline co-op mode, so it's no big deal not having it in the campaign

Jay5202493d ago

As long as is has some form of offline co-op, I won't complain.

MysticStrummer2493d ago

This kind of game could greatly benefit from co-op through the campaign. Too bad. Still looks like a must buy though.

BitbyDeath2493d ago

As long as they have other co-op modes then i'm good.
Will just take turns on the campaign mode.