Five Reasons Why Resistance 3 Will Take Over Your Playstation 3

TGH Writes: "There is a lot of publicity to other fan favorite FPS titles like Modern Warfare 3, and Battlefield 3 right now but Sony has an ace up their sleeve this fall. Resistance 3 should be the game Playstation 3 owners have in their system for quite some time. The title also seems to release in the perfect September window. We recently got some hands-on with the title so let us tell you why Resistance 3 will take over your Playstation 3."

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Abash2496d ago

I'm going to play the hell out of this game. Really excited about campaign co-op

Best2496d ago

Resistance 3 won't take over my PS3. MW3 will.

2496d ago
NukaCola2496d ago


MW3 comes out two months after R3. October has Arkham and Rage. And for all seriousness, November has Uncharted 3 and SKYRIM...i mean what the heck bro?

theunleashed642496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

if i recall best, you stated you got rid of your ps3?

BattleAxe2496d ago

The first reason for me is because I pre-ordered it from the evil EB Games.....muahahaha

RememberThe3572496d ago

Hahaha you just got served. No matter how this goes, your a lair.

R3 is that best looking shooter I've seen for fall I'll probably play all the major releases. But I'm most looking forward to: R3, Deus Ex, AC, Skyrim, U3, Rage, BF3, and Ace Combat.

Fall is going to kill my PS3 lol

SCW19822496d ago

Someone just got called out ha ha

Nexgensensation2496d ago

i dont just jump into shooters based on popularity and hype. I like my games like my girls.
-good to look at
-Must have personality(THIS IS A MUST I DONT CARE HOW SHE LOOKS)
-and a little crazy(if you know what I mean)

I hope this game take my breathe away on all levels.

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KingSlayer2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

I completely agree. The tone of R3...the desperation, the loss, the refusal to give up...I can't wait! Even if Capelli was a douchebag in 2.

Why not bounce between R3, MW3 and BF3? I know I am.

EDIT: Now I see why Best is focused on MW3. He can't play R3. Well, enjoy MW3 man.

adonis1832496d ago

resistance 3 is Generic.

KingSlayer2496d ago

If 1950's era alien occupation of the planet and the story of the people fighting back is generic, sign me up.

Nathaniel_Drake2496d ago

halo, gears, cod, bf, you your statement are all generic so let's just ignore all this

BubbleSniper2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

if the co-op is like 2, with some improvements and greater difficulty then I am balls deep in Resistance 3. I probably will be anyway, I pre-ordered it.

ShadyDevil2496d ago

They took out R2 like co-op. Its story co-op now supposedly.

KwietStorm2496d ago

No coop from R2. Really sucks. I had a lot of fun in that mode.

guitarded772496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

I'm still not completely sold on R3... I love that they are bringing back the weapon wheel, but my budget is spent for the rest of the year with Uncharted 3, Twisted Metal, Gears 3, Skyrim and Battlefield 3 all pre-ordered. If it is way more Fall of Man than Resistance 2, I will but it, but I need to play the demo and beta first. What I have seen looks good so far, but there are other games I want more, and R3 will find itself competing against Arkham City for any extra loose cash I get between now and then. I may have to wait for a price drop of a good Christmas time sale.

EDIT: Oh wow look at the disagree machine go... I have some reservations about a game I haven't played yet... call the police, I must be a troll.

BubbleSniper2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Well, I hope to see you around the PSN dude.


Really? =(

We'll have to see how that ends up then.

guitarded772496d ago

??? I don't understand... I'm on PSN all the time, check my trophy score.

RememberThe3572496d ago

Wait so your over reacting to people disagreeing with your statement thinking that they are aver reacting? They clicked their mouse, thats not over reacting lol

I disagree because I saw a bit of that gameplay footage and I was sold. I'm pretty sure I didn't have to call 5-0 to form my own opinion. :)

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50Terabytespersec2496d ago

First Day purchase out the door already!!!!!!!
This game is EPIC!

REDHULKSMASH2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Nah, time is too precious, i'll be playing good games like uncharted 3, gears 3, twis metal, both killzones, mw2&3, cod, battlefield 3.....ahh tough break.

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trainsinrdr2496d ago

This game's multiplayer is complete garbage.
It looks like insomniac has been inspired by cod sales and went for a similar experience which crytek also did with crysis 2.

SageHonor2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Thats what i was thinking .. Wasnt the first game 20 vs 20.. and RE2 was 30 vs 30.. and now its like 8 vs 8.. Every FPS that came out this year is inspired by COD in some kind of way.. I'm not all into that sci fi suff either.. Shields and shooting through walls... Oh no..

I'm sure the singleplayer will be good..

DrRichtofen2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

In a Resistance 3 dev interview I remember the guy saying that they lowered the player count in R3 because it was a more personal war where the chimara have won and it was left up to a small group of soldiers to defend themselves. Unlike in R2 where it was a whole army going against the chimara thats why it was 60 players.

RevXM2496d ago

Way to go commander Sheperd.
Not into sci-fi. lol.

I dont think it is that much like Cod.
Its closer to resemble Halo, than Cod.
Still I think it is yet to see if the multiplayer is good.

Personally I liked the R2 mp.
I felt that R2 was pick up and play, have fun flanking guys and go nuts. a real rush with people around everywere if you were playing 60p Team deathmatch at orick, iceland, a skirmish match or plain deathmatch. It gave a lot of choices and it was damn fun unless there was like 12 players or so on the bigger maps.

One of the few games I occasionally come back to to for playing mp.

Does anyone know if R3 supports splitscreen in MP?
And can you play co-op over psn?

omi25p2496d ago

Unless there is a singleplayer or multiplayer demo for this game i doubt il buy it. Because Dead island and Gears of war 3 are in the same month.

ShadyDevil2496d ago

The beta releases soon. So ya know.

omi25p2496d ago

great, il play it then

beavis4play2496d ago

with so many games coming out - i can see the need to prioritize.........resistance3 , dark souls, and uncharted3 are my "must-haves" for this fall. i also want dead island when i get the time. i don't have a 360 so gears is out for me.

ferelinstincts2496d ago

Resistance 3 is gonna be amazing!

MasterCornholio2496d ago

looks a bit brown to me. But since its from Insomniac it will be a great game.

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