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We all know that there are more male gamers than there are female gamers for various reasons: gender roles, disinterest, and a negative stigma attached to female gamers, to name a few. According to a recent study that consisted of 276 MSU (Michigan State University) undergraduate students, females tend to have less time to play video games than males.

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MrSpace2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Well it's pretty obvious, games appeal more to males then females...always have, always will be.

When games first came out they wern't really targeted at females they were targeted at men. It's only now because of the Nintendo Wii, which has made gaming more casual and more mainstream, is it we are seeing "more" girl gamers (obviously still not as many as the article states) but because of this mainstream approach gaming has took it's hard to find out which person (this goes for males aswell) is a real gamer and which one is just doing it for there own personal benefits (To Socialise, to fit it, to attact the attention of a boy etc)

kreate2275d ago

its more true in america. in asia. girls love video games.
we should just go to asia for gaming.

ShabbaRanks2276d ago

And as a guy that's why I hate Xbox Live.

Without offending anyone I must admit that I’ve heard at lest 50% more Assholes like this on Xbox Live then PSN … Thank god for Halo or M$ wouldn’t even get any of my money…

Then again Halo is infested with 12 year olds :(

Gamer101022276d ago

Hahahaha this video's hilarious!

NukaCola2276d ago

Guess no one has ever heard of meetagamer(dot)com. I heard about it through the game show on youtube, and I have to say that's creepy. But hey to each his or her, own to find love.

trainsinrdr2276d ago

Because they are wasting their time trying to orgasm instead.

haymoza2276d ago

Because there be kitchens ...

V0LT2276d ago

and washers & dryers

SixZeroFour2276d ago

and sandwiches to be made

Pikajew2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

and chores to be done

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