Sony Executive On PS3 Exclusives In 2012 And GamesCom Announcments

GB: "We have got more information for you guys from our massive interview with the one and only, Atindriya Bose, PlayStation India, Country Manager.
This little piece of information has both, good and bad news."

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theunleashed642522d ago

awww looks like there won't be any new reveals for the ps3 at gamescom. i was looking forward to some announcements but oh well can't wait to see new info for vita and hopefully a release date.

Misterhbk2522d ago

All I really want is a Vita release date (2011 in the US please). A PS3 price drop would be nice too so I could pick up a second slim. There are so many games I'm picking up it's rediculous.

I need to get the uncharted collection, god of war collection, ico/SotC, uncharted 3, dead island, white knight chronicles 2, twisted metal.

Then there is the Vita and all the games I'll be picking up for that. Soooooooo much money to spend!

BIGBOSS082522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

i think a price cut is almost guaranteed. the last price cut was quite a while ago and sony have said themselves recently that the ps3 has been profitable for a while now

BeOneWithTheGun2522d ago

Quite frankly, I don't know how anyone can burn through Deus Ex, BodyCount, Resistance 3, Dead Island, Gears 3, Splinter Cell remake, Dark Souls, Twisted Metal, Rage, Batman, R&C All For One, Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3 and Assassins Creed Revelations in 3 months anyway.

I will have plenty to chew on well through next year. Skyrim will suck 3 months of my life alone. The rest will easily tide me over for a while.

ilikegam3s2522d ago

Man... you must be loaded. :)

Misterhbk2522d ago

Not so much that I'm loaded lol. I just plan way ahead for things that I really want. Like the Vita for example. I saved money for a bit and was able to pay that off completely a while ago. I put more towards my games way in advance (usually as soon as preorders open) so that by the time theyre released it's all paid for and just waiting for me to pick it up. Works a lot better that way for me at least.

Also the wife tends not to mind seeing 5-10 here and there on the bank statement instead of the 60+ in one shot.

ilikestuff2522d ago

i say who cares what the wife notices. i say if the wife notices money missing that means shes spending too much time out the kitchen, but of course, what i say and what really goes on are different, real different

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SoapShoes2522d ago

They've had surprises at every Euro event(previously Leipzig) since I can remember for the PS3, I would be surprised if they did not have it this year.

Ravens202522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Hopefully this means they're getting ready to come out with PS4 next year or so, maybe that is why they aren't announcing anything new for the PS3.

WitWolfy2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Patience padawaan... Remember, Quality over quantity

mastiffchild2522d ago

This guy wouldn't want to piss on SCEE's surpise anyway so even if there WERE a shock or two at GC he would say this, wouldn't he? In fact, if he KNE there wouldn't be i still doubt he'd say so because it would damped enthusiasm for what they are showing and fewer people would bother looking.

Therefore we cannot even think about what this guy's saying as gospel.

KonaBro2522d ago

someone in here making sense.

Foxgod2521d ago

I have no idea what hes trying to explain...

Eyeco2522d ago

So in other words 2012 is gonna be a dry year for the ps3 because there really wasn't anything big shown at e3 this year to look forward to next year for all 3 platforms ( *rolls eyes* at halo 4 and sly4)

liveActionLeveler2522d ago

Well there is probably Last Guardian, Starhawk, and probably Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Plus it's not the end of the year yet. Remember Uncharted 3and Resistance 3 were both announced at the end of last year. So the same thing could happen for Syphon Filter or some other game again. In fact it probably will happen, since Sony likes to spread out announcements,

Eyeco2522d ago

So in other words 2012 is gonna be a dry year for the ps3 because there really wasn't anything big shown at e3 this year to look forward to next year, for all 3 platforms in general ( *rolls eyes* at halo 4 and sly4)

xAlmostPro2522d ago

I'm pretty sure they'll announce plenty, they already have a huge line-up this year.

There's agent next year, the last guardian, starhawk already announced for 2012 right?.. plus the ps vita.

I mean most people will still be trying to play through this years games next year with an added few, i will anyway.

sinncross2522d ago

i can assure you that both Adrift (Action RPG) and Quantic Dreams new IP will be unveiled at Gamescom.

2521d ago
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ddkshah2522d ago

Next year... Sly, The last guardian, Agent?, Quantic Dream's next game, and dont forget about vita :D I am also 99% sure that sony has a few new ip's up their sleeve for next year ;)

ddkshah2522d ago

How the he'll did I miss that :( :bangsheadontable:

ThanatosDMC2521d ago

Yakuza of the End will probably hit in March like all of the past ones.

Dart892522d ago

Right now i'm more worried how im going to afford all the games from this year.

banjadude2522d ago

Especially if you are buying some of them as collector's/limited editions!

Poor, poor wallet.

KwietStorm2522d ago

Ain't the best ever, but it sure as hell is better than KZ3.

chidori6662522d ago


lol @ epic random coment.

ThanatosDMC2521d ago

I disagree I say MAG is the beat shooter ever.

Hifist12522d ago

Dear Sony, you're rapin' my damn wallet. That ain't bad thing though.

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