The History Of Special Edition Xbox 360s

360Sync: A look at all of the special edition consoles released by Microsoft throughout the lifespan of the Xbox 360 with an appearance by a very unique 360 at the end.

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TomInc2375d ago

Saw the gold controller and was just like 'aaaaahhh... I remember that!'

Don't know anyone who got it though

DAKing2402375d ago

It was only just announced this week, but that Gold controller is easily my favorite.

tbergen12375d ago

The Gold controller is pretty awesome, but after seeing this special edition Gears Xbox coming out I think it gets my vote as the coolest so far!

It's pretty damn sweet....

NukaCola2375d ago

I would really like to see a see-through console come back like Nintendo did with the Gameboys and N64. I would like to see a clear console with lights on the inside.

The Star Wars 360 looks pretty cool, but I am not liking the game. It's not impressive.

NoobJobz2375d ago

Link isn't working for me. Anyone else having this problem?

A7XEric2375d ago

Yea it didn't work for me either. Just follow the link, then click the home button when the page pops up. It should be the first headline there.

DAKing2402375d ago

Here is a direct link if the other one isn't working.. sometimes the short link doesn't redirect properly..

Donski2375d ago

Sorry, having trouble with the short link that got posted. Try using this link until we get it resolved.


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