My Top 10 Games That’s Gonna Put A Dent In My Wallet This Fall

"Starting Tuesday when Catherine comes out, it will officially be the beginning of the great video game season coming out. With Uncharted 3 on the way to Batman: Arkham City set to rock the world, this season is going to be one of the best ever. However, with a price tag of $60.00 for each one of them, it’s going to put a massive dent in your wallet. I hope you have been saving up. I’m trying my best to." - Redhead Reviews

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Best2525d ago

MW3 is the only game worth buying this holiday season.

Trenta272525d ago

Why? MW2 was horrible. It seems like it'll be the same with MW3.

EVILDEAD3602525d ago

I spent a ridiculous amount of money last fall and winter..but this hoiliday is going to be out of control..

This is just my DAY ONE guaranteed list alone and doesn't even come close to the amount of games I'll end up picking up before the year is out..

Gears of War 3
Halo Anniversary
Uncharted 3
Ico/SOTC collection
Dark Souls
Forza 4
Batman Arkham City
Modern Warfare 3
Battlefield 3
NBA 2K12
Deus Ex
Witcher 2

It is truly a great time to be a matter how broke we all wil be


Yi-Long2525d ago

My list is a bit shorter...

- Batman Arkham City
- Battlefield 3
- FIFA12 OR PES2012
- Probably Fez (XBLA)
- Ico/SOTC

Batman AC and maybe BF3 will also depend on the developers announcing their DLC-plans. If they'll be milking it, I will probably wait a few months and buy these games in a sale or something.

Also, I hope Modnation Racers will be getting a complete release (including all the DLC) so I can finally pick that up...

paintsville2524d ago

Well Trenta MW2 was only terrible on ps3 and even then wasn't that bad despite what the whiners said. On 360 mw2 was awesome and still is!!! The new DLC is awesome too!! But then if you have a ps3 you'll have to...wait...for it.
Gears of War 3 is at the top of my list and millions of other people's lists. Followed by MW3 (Activision rocks), then RAGE, Batman Archkam2, BF3, Skyrim, Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. Wow what a time to be a gamer. It's Awesome.

jc485732525d ago


(burn Activision, burn!!)

Dart892525d ago

Umm dont you mean cod4.3

Either way there are far better games out their than that pos game to buy.

fluffydelusions2525d ago

You forgot to put /s at the end

LightSamus2525d ago

Wat. MW might be worth buying, but to say it's the ONLY game worth buying is ridiculous.

ATiElite2525d ago

1. Catherine releases July 26th. I'm positive July is considered the Summer.

2. Dead island...OMG i feel this game is getting way too hyped up. I just don't see Dead Island being a quality product.

3. No Gears3 on the list. To each his own but come on.....I hate the xbox 360 (and consoles in general) but I've been researching Gears 3 and it looks awesome.....Graphics and Game Play. But like I said to each his own.

Ryasha2525d ago

Gears was at the bottom of the list as an Honorable mention.

BinaryMind2525d ago

I can't believe Saint's Row: the Third, was put above Gears, Deus Ex, ICO Collection, and TOR. And that's only touching the honorable mentions.

khan_saab2525d ago

calm down fanboy, i got news for for you, it aint that great

MidNight-Guy2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

All games are cool

Zanarkand2525d ago

MW3 is the only game worth collecting dust on the shelves this holiday season. *Fixed*

2524d ago
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NukaCola2525d ago


Twisted Metal
Gears 3
Uncharted 3
Arkham City

fluffydelusions2525d ago

That's it? Psshhh..amateur :)

NukaCola2525d ago

You are right, my wife and child need not of this crutch called a roof and

I am getting some other stuff too, like Journey and House of the dead OVERKILL Extended Edition. I am scooping the GOW ORigins and the MGS HD pack, Resistance 3 and obviously I will rent MW3.

Focker4202525d ago


I wouldn't waste my money on HotD: Overkill, unless you've already played it and actually enjoyed it. I thought it was one of the worst games I've ever played when I played it on the Wii. Nothing like its predecessors. I would suggest just renting it rather than buying it.

Focker4202525d ago

Uncharted 3
Battlefield 3
Twisted Metal
Elder Scrolls Skyrim
Resistance 3
Dark Souls
Batman Arkham City
Deus Ex
Ico/SOTC Collection

SageHonor2525d ago

Deux Ex Human Revolution
Battlefield 3
Uncharted 3
Batman Arkham City
No More Heroes Paradise
Dark Souls

ATiElite2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Battlefield 3
Black Prophecy
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
The Cursed Crusade
Nuclear Dawn
Elder Scroll V: Skyrim

August (which is summer)
Red Orchestra 2
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

CrescentFang2525d ago

Cathrine is being released in the summer... Anyways since this is a personal article, it's the guy's choice...

Well my opinion this will blow out anyone's wallet:

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Premium Figure Set - $120
And it's actually worth the money, if you have enough for it... It's not like those cheap ass collector's editions that get a price drop later on (most which are western games, truth be told).
Also Working Designs collector's editions were well worth the money...

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