Watch this short teaser of the new CG trailer for Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

A short clip was filmed from a fan that attended the Marvel VS Capcom panel at the San Diego Comic Con this past week.


Updated with info for the new costumes coming

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Septic2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Here we go.

Ultimate MvC3. Then we will get:

Super Ultimate MvC3. Then...

Hyper Super Ultimate MvC3. Then...

Turbo Hyper Super Milk Ultimate MvC3. Then....

Super Hyper Ultimate Jumbo Mega Ultimate MvC3 replete with 1.5 new stages and a new was already on your cd....but this glorious update gives you the power to unlock it.

And then you'll get the Arcade edition of those games above.

If Capcom ruled the world I'd still be making loving to my ex-girlfriend, with a different bag over her head.

Vegivo2522d ago

First of all this is a CHEAP expansion for MVC3 fans and players. Do the math!! if this came out as DLC you would have paid twice the amount!!

Hisiru2522d ago

"Watch this short teaser of the new CG trailer for Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3"

No, thanks. I bought the first game and I am really mad now.

cemelc2522d ago

Its not a cheap expansion, it makes the original game ussless you dont need the first game for anything anymore, you could probably use as paperweight by the time it releases.

A proper expansion is a dlc that adds to your first game. This is called a money grab plain and simple.

For the ppl interested in this game buy it used do the industry a favor and get it second hand.

oli2521d ago

foreal! its reasons like these that we buy 2nd hand (sudden re-release, DLC, etc)

Lionalliance2522d ago

Bunch of these peoples are tools....*sigh*

SixZeroFour2522d ago

i kinda giggled at the fact that they waited till the last second of the trailer...its like they were expecting gameplay and didnt want to clap before it, but it never came

pcz2522d ago

i have nothing further to say :)

zerocrossing2522d ago

Is there anyone who brought the 1st MVC3 that isn't quite rightly pissed right now?

Vegivo2522d ago

IVE bought the game twice!! and was pissed at first but if you read the interviews and look further into why they released it as disc. Then it explains alot on why they had to do this.

soundslike2522d ago

Do you know what "public relations" is

Anybody over the age of 16 would have had their bullshit detector explode when reading the excuses they dredged up.

If the earthquake affected their resources, why would they stick with the method requiring more time/effort/money and not go the cheaper and easier route of DLC?

Why? Because they wasted money making AE on a disc since everyone with a brain would have bought it as DLC, even if they didn't have super yet ($15 used ssf4, $15 ae vs $40 boxed AE). So they decided to remove the choice altogether.

RockmanII72522d ago

I'm more mad about Legends 3 I don't really care about this. Like I said in another story the amount of money I would be willing to pay for all these characters adds up to $39 so I don't mind getting 8 levels and spectator mode for $1. I put 140 hours into MvC3 so I got my money's worth from it, I'm sure I'll put 40 hours into Ultimate (If I can put more hours played than dollars spent then I'm happy with it).

zerocrossing2522d ago

You make a good point, Well Ultimate MVC3 is just MVC3 but with more content so im sure those who enjoyed the original will enjoy the new version. I think most people are just annoyed because they wanted the option of the new content as DLC for MVC3 instead of having the new content only available in Ultimate MVC3. I can understand their disappointment.

RockmanII72522d ago

Yea I can definitely understand why people are upset, making the first game next to worthless does suck but I've been expecting this for a couple months now so I'm not surprised.

pijinio2122522d ago


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