Comic-Con: Uncharted Movie Director Speaks

The Limitless director talks about bringing Nathan Drake to the big screen, and who might fill his shoes.

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Urmomlol2548d ago

Limitless was actually a really good movie.

MintBerryCrunch2548d ago

Bradley Cooper with black hair?

he's got the personality

jony_dols2548d ago

And Colm Meaney for Sully!

Focker4202548d ago


I actually think that could be a pretty good fit. Best suggestion I've heard so far for Sully.

I do also like the idea of Bradley Cooper for Drake. Hes doesn't look exactly like him, but I think hes got Drake's persona nailed down. I'd say hes by far a better choice than Fillion.

Its not just about looking like Drake, he also has to carry his young and adventurous personality. I don't think Fillion has anymore. He did back with Firefly, but that was 9 years ago and Fillion has aged quite a bit since then.

blumatt2548d ago

How bout they just use Nolan North and Claudia Black and all the other actual voice actors. They look nearly the same as their game counterparts.

fr0sty2548d ago

Nolan North and Emily Rose do look like their characters, but Claudia looks a good bit older than her character does in game.

RememberThe3572548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Fillon has Drakes personality was more than Cooper. But Fillon is getting old and they'll probably be looking for an actor whos a bit younger.

And you guys got to get this idea out of yuor head that the original actors are going to play the parts. None of them have to exposure Sony Pictures is looking for. Expect more high profile actors.

I feel much more comfortable with this guy at the head than the other.

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Micro_Sony2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Limitless was ok but felt that after a while it was just dragged on and got kind of pointless.

This is not the guy you want making the Uncharted movie - the guy you want is Christophe Gans or John Moore.

Micro_Sony2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Drake - Nathan Fillion
Elena - Kristen Bell
Sully - J.K. Simmons

QuantumWake2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I think Matthew Davis is a better suit for Nathan Drake. They almost sound & look exactly the same. Kristen bell.... eh.... I don't know.

J.K. Simmons in my opinion is a great choice for Sully.

DiffusionE2548d ago

He kinda looks like he could be Uwe Boll's younger brother. LOL!

MrSpace2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )


The Voice actors have said they want to do it so stop mentioning him.

"Who do we need for that part"

Listen Neil, as I said, the voice actors/motion cap actors WANT to do there part in the Uncharted movie. You don't even need to think about who to get because they are perfect and fans want them.

"During the question-and-answer portion of the panel, the actors were asked how they would feel about playing their characters in the stalled but still seemingly developing movie version of Uncharted. All responded that they’d be excited for the opportunity, and as others on the panel put it, the players have grown to fully embody the characters."

LOGICWINS2548d ago

"Listen Neil, as I said, the voice actors/motion cap actors WANT to do there part in the Uncharted movie. You don't even need to think about who to get because they are perfect and fans want them."

LMAO, u think Neil Burger frequents N4G...much less even knows what it is?

Your better off writing off writing him a letter. Btw, the only character of the three that has a ghost of a chance of being in the film is Emily Rose.

Focker4202548d ago

I'd say Emily Rose should play Elena in all honesty. But Sully and Drake need new actors. Yes they've got the voice, but neither of them look like they're respective characters. No offense to Nolan, he has the personality obviously, its just he looks a little too old to play Drake imo.

But Emily Rose is very similar to her character in Uncharted and her character's personality in Haven is nearly identical to Elena's. So I'd say you couldn't get a better actress to play Elena than Emily.

WhiteLightning2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I know how fustrating is it. Not one interview I've seen where the interviewer ask Neil "Have you considered Nolan North or any of the voice actors for the roles" instead it's "Nathan Fillion is fans favorite blah blah blah"....yeah he kind of was before we realised that they voice actors want to play there parts, now I'd rather have Nolan, Emily and Richard. How can you say you don't know who's right for the role when Nolan/Emily/Richard are the characters in the game.

It's very rare where a characters we grow to love in games get a film and the voice actors want to play their characters and now we are just going to let that opportunity fly right past us. <sigh>

@LOGICWINS. I think he was just saying "Listen Neil" in his argument. I don't think he actualy means he's going to see it.

Only Emily has a chance....why. Most big star actors today we all love to watch used to be no names at one time. Hell some just poped out of no where for being in one film, become more famous and end up popping up in a number of films. Hollywood have taken chances before, they still do...I think Nolan and Richard have a fair chance.

LOGICWINS2548d ago

"I think he was just saying "Listen Neil" in his argument. I don't think he actualy means he's going to see it."


WhiteLightning2548d ago

Yeah it's hard to explain

You know when your in an argument and you (depending where you come from) say "Listen mate blah blah blah", I think he's just saying "Listen Neil" because he knows his name therefor dosen't have to say "mate"

I understand what he's tyring to say but it's kind of hard to explain it's self XD

MrSpace2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )


It's something like that

aaabbbccc43242548d ago

which ever actor they choose the actor needs to give himself nathan drake's disinctive hairstyle

BitbyDeath2548d ago

So probably won't come out til 2013 then...

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