Gamer Euphoria: Grumpy Gamer ''Gears of War the best cast in videogames”

The following is taken from Official Xbox Magazine:

‘’Gears of War 3’s executive producer Rod Fergusson reckons that Marcus Fenix, Dominic Santiago and their barrel-biceped cheerleading squad are “the best cast in videogames”.

“I think people don’t realise the calibre of acting that can be in videogames, and how much they push it,” Fergusson told us in the recently reborn OXM Podcast. “Our cast I think is probably the best cast in videogames, but obviously I’m biased.

He had some fascinating thoughts on the production of Gears 2’s Maria Santiago death scene, increasingly touted as one of this generation’s iconic moments.

I get that Mr.Fergusson will be biased towards the game he worked on however if he truly believes that his cliché Gears of War super beefy soldiers are the best cast in modern video games then he clearly has only ever played Gears of War 1 and 2. Gears of War as a franchise are good games; they play well sound great and look great. The action is brutal and unrelenting however story and characters are not the franchises strong point. It’s a pretty cookie cutter storyline (and I’m not buying a bloody £10 novel to ‘expand’ my knowledge of the games world ‘) of Humans V Nasties and to be fair that suits the game fine. The false impression that people try to throw at other that Gears carries a heavy storyline with complex and real characters is something I take issue with (and a lot of chuckles for the record) and rightly so in my opinion.”

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Inside_out2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

...he said CLEARLY...

" Our cast I think is probably the best cast in video games, but obviously I’m biased. "...

I think the gears cast is fantastic and all of them have their memorable moments.

Bulletstorm had it's moments...I hope we see these guys again...

Obviously, there have been some great additions recently, in particularly, I enjoyed Halo Reach...hopefully, Bungie/343 studio's will revisit
those guys in the future for a prequel...Big George ftw...

Alan wake had a great cast of characters...

Resident evil, COD, Uncharted, Batman, KZ, Bioshock and several other games also had some great moments.

Micro_Sony2431d ago

What is this garbage website.

I think they need to add an age limit of 24 and over for people who want to run a website.

"if he truly believes that his cliché Gears of War super beefy soldiers are the best cast in modern video games then he clearly has only ever played Gears of War 1 and 2"

That alone shows how immature the auther if this article is.

Linko642431d ago

Hard to understand the Grumpy gamer bit? as in its suppose to come off grumpy?

Micro_Sony2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

The heading did not say Grumpy Gamer on it and I see that they have fixed it now.

Still think it a crappy article.

AndyWilliams242431d ago

You can't really blast a whole website based on an opinion of somebody. That's more immature that the article you're bashing.

SCW19822431d ago

Read article before replying. You look like an ass hat.

Linko642431d ago

It dead have the heading, i should know i put the thing on here, if your gonig to make such bold comments least have the backbone to stand by your stupid comments.

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Saint-Revlot2431d ago

I think Uncharted has the best cast.

2430d ago
Chewy332431d ago

Granted, story in Gears is not the particular strong point. And that's really just my view on Gears 2 and Gears 2 only. The group of characters is actually pretty memorable. Cole and Baird especially. Believe it or not, I would be pretty sad if one of them had died in three.

Very few characters have had such a tug on my heartstrings.

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