Pre-Order Sale On Fifa 12

American soccer fans can get quite a deal if they pre-order now.

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fluffydelusions2550d ago

It's not soccer, it's football and I'm American.

averyzoe2550d ago

'Round these parts, "football" refers to a game played with a oval shaped pigskin ball.

Bodster2550d ago

Fédération Internationale de Football Association, it' even says football in the name... :facepalm:


To be technically precise...

maverick11912549d ago

typical yank!

a google search proves its called Football not soccer

maverick11912550d ago

its football its called football in other 50 countries US isnt the only country in the world


And that's why they get the deal. The most popular sport in the world don't need incentives to sell on most regions, but in the United States EA and retailers have to take less dollars per content or face losing out on a big market.