10 Mind Blowing Gaming Battlestations

GR - "Every PC gamer has one thing in common: a battle station. Be it a mobile battle station made up of hard laptops in a military camp in Iraq or a posh multi-display set up in a cozy apartment, the battle station is where the gamer comes to roost and whittle the days and nights away."

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Valay2368d ago

Yeah... I have nothing like most of those.

RyuDrinksTheDew2368d ago

a lot of those are editing stations for movies and music.

still cool though.

ATiElite2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

The 2nd and 7th picture the ones with the Apple G5 would be considered a pure workstation and that's because it is. The graphics card in it can play games but not like the PC's. but it's pretty obvious he bought it for music and or video cause the mic, piano, and sound converter box on the desk and the 7th pic is running Apple video editor. $3000 computer that can't run Crysis...what a shame!

The other 6 are gaming PC's but since gaming PC's are so powerful they can easily handle Workstion like tasks. Only thing they would have a slight problem with is 3D auto CaD rendering or something similar which requires a PRO Series GPU like Nvidia Quadro or AMD FirePro.

Other than that a two second glance at the pics and it's obvious the others are gamers.

Picture 6.....that person could easily be a Day Trader (stock market stuff). I've seen that set-up before and it's just some super number cruncher sitting there watching charts, graphs, and numbers for hours but making some one thousands of dollars with every mouse click. Total Super Nerd set-up like the movie Swordfish.

zeph942368d ago

Gaming rigs only really need one monitor, since you can't even use a second one during a game. That's why I like the old 32in. TV hooked up to computer right infront of your face set up

nikrel2368d ago

Multiple games use more than one monitor if you like.

Thecraft19892368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

You've never heard of eyeinfinity or nvidia surround ?

Its epic for gaming and will hopefully make it to consoles next gen.

two ways it can work

Enate2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

I honestly hope that has nothing to do with next gen consoles. Its a waste of resources that could be spent on the game. An not making it stretch to a triple monitor resolution but that's just my opinion. From what I've seen it just gives people an excuse to spend more money on graphics cards. Which I'm sure nvidia and AMD don't mind at all.

Plus I can not stand the triple monitor bezels getting in the way . Even on the thinnest one's it still bothers me.

ATiElite2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

My set-up looks like pic 1

I got a giant illuminated Full Tower (Thermaltake Level 10 gt) with lava lamps off setting the light, glow in the dark keyboard but my desk has three monitors, and my speakers are on the wall and floor.

then turn 180 degree to my 30" monitor connected to the other PC.

But after viewing picture 10 i really want to do that. WOW so frigging cool. I would love to put both of my PC into a glass desk (but i go to Lan parties a lot so that wouldn't work out)!

sonicsidewinder2368d ago

Wow that fish-eye-esqe monitor is nuts! :D

I have spaceship wallpaper. You know, to make me really feel like i am Commander Sonicsidewinder of the starship <Insert Cool Name>

Right now i'm playing independence war, so it frakkin rocks!

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