SWTOR Pre-Order Needs To Go F**k Itself

Botchweed: "I can’t really remember when it began, but these days, if you pre-order a game you get something for it. From a publishers point of view, i can understand it, as it helps to justify how many packaged copies you make when the game is released."

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Urmomlol2276d ago

Boo fucking hoo.

Don't like, it don't preorder it.

EddyD2276d ago

And get left behind because of all those who pre-order and get early access?

evrfighter2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

im with the author minus his view on retail copies.

EA has blatantly decided to market this game as high demand. That's fine and dandy. I'm in the beta and it's an awesome game but it's not gonna be worth skipping over skyrim, bf3, rage, red orchestra 2.

If anything is to hurt this mmo it's gonna be restricting the flow of copies for an extra buck on the copy. In the MMO world the money is made on the subscription not the copy. Whatever Marketing team came up with this idea should be let go.

I don't care about using Origin at this point but I'll get my copy retail when I'm ready for it. I'm sure that'll be months after it launches as I won't be a digital distribution statistic for them.

manicfoot2276d ago

Pre-orders like this are becoming an annoying trend. Also, EA need to cut this Origin shit out right now.

IanVanCheese2276d ago

Agreed, origin needs to go away, just steam have the monopoly, they are good at it lol

ATiElite2276d ago

EA is doing too many stupid things with this Origins crap. EA could easily just release games on Origins and Steam that way they can make some side cash while keeping gamers happy but NOPE they wanna be greedy.

Origins better deliver but Origins will deter Steam loyalist from using it as I myself DO NOT trust EA. Star Wars The Old Republic cost over $100 million to make so EA already is screwing things up.

Origins can not compete with STEAM. Steam's entire library is PC game specific and plus they are in direct contact with gamers, Devs, and Modders.