Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Namco Bandai Interview, Gameplay Footage

Namco Bandai Games discusses Generations and it's gameplay mechanics while showing off some gameplay videos.

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tayz2548d ago

march release date... sooo far away!

2548d ago
Dwalls11712548d ago

Complete crap is an exact copy of storm 2... Jus gonna have like 8 new characters....this is why I stopped buying dbz games.. Dont buy this waist of money nothing new here.

RedDead2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I ain't gonna be buying either, it is literally a full priced Expansion, with 1 new arc and in fairness a good few new chars, this game could have over 60 chars, but that doesn't even matter, CHaracters are just different skins and different jutsu in this, Minato has the same awakening as Gai etc.. I'll get UN impact because it looks different. I don't like UNS even, the gameplay is so shallow and cheap Imo.

It really LOOKS amazing though, but that's all, Style over substance this game is. Sasuke in this...what's the point? Susano'o is balanced, Amaterasu sucks. His ultimate jutsu takes away the same amount as Sakura's, I would prefer if they had tiers and multiple jutsu

HmongAmerican2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

look like it can be a complete DLC to UNS2. Nothing new, beside a few more characters and new arc.