The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim - 10 Facts That Everyone should Know

GB: "Oblivion was one of the first truly epic games of this current console generation, and Bethesda have been improving on the formula since then with Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Now they move on to the fifth chapter in The Elder Scrolls series and, just in case you haven’t been keeping up to date on the new features in Skyrim, here are ten facts you need to know to get yourself in a suitably excited mindset for Skyrim’s release this November."

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Urmomlol2522d ago

Should be titled, "10 things everyone already knows about Skyrim, but shit, it's a slow news day and we're not creative enough to actually write something original that people will want to read, so here's this crap spread out over numerous pages so we can get a bunch of hits."

BeOneWithTheGun2522d ago

1 thing I know is that on 11.11.11 I am going to be a thieving prick!

Bigpappy2522d ago

Here is hoping they don't put those stupid red marks on items you stoled so you can't re-sell them.

DanSolo2521d ago


I know, it was like.... how the fvck would someone from a different town on the other side of the map possibly know that this diamond is stolen goods....

And the Big Brother guards who instantly KNOW you have stolen something or killed someone and come after you and put a price on your head, even though you did the deed in a dark empty place without anyone around....

I am pretty sure that stuff should be fixed this time round.... better be!

CommonSense2522d ago

if i already knew all 10 things, do i get the last 5 minutes of my life back?

Kee2522d ago

These aren't facts. These are features.

At the very most they're factual features. I mean you can read this kind of stuff on the back of the box when it comes out.

LadyGaga2522d ago

My body is ready. . . for this game to disappoint.

YodaCracker2522d ago

"Superior Visuals"

Really? I never would have guessed that Skyrim would have better visuals than Oblivion, a 5 and a half year old game...

ChrisPriestman2522d ago

Right, that's it Gaming Bolt. I am sorry, but just stop now, for everyone's sake. Is this really all you can offer to gaming journalism (and yes I use that term VERY loosely). Let's just take a look at the extent of your originality, shall we?

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And why stop there, hey?

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And don't even get me started on the design of your site and the 'quality' of your reviews, i.e. grammar, spelling mistakes, and complete bullcrap if I am honest.

The thing is, I would not care if you were not grabbing all of this traffic and clearly making money from it, but you are. Somehow I guess you are classed as 'professional'. Well start acting like it!

Say what you want, but the day N4G is not a source for all of this traffic for you, is the day that we say bye bye.

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The story is too old to be commented.