Crysis 2 cut down to $40 this week

Two games take a price-cut for one week only today, the very popular Crysis 2 and LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars 3D.

Each week, the Video Games team selects one or more products for our valued customers at a special, low, weekly price. Quantities are limited, so the price is only available while supplies last.

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BigWillys2497d ago

This is a game that came and went. Good single player game, crappy multiplayer.

SarahFox2497d ago

really is it that bad? I really want to get it to.

fluffydelusions2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

No, it's not THAT bad. The SP is actually very good IMO. The MP was a disaster on PC however but when you weren't in a game with a bunch of cheats I found the MP rather enjoyable.

BakedGoods2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

No dude, I don't know what that guy's beef is, Crysis 2 is so far one of the best games I've played all year.

Inside_out2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

I bought it on 360 and it is the game to beat this year. Great set pieces and great controls. The AI breaks from time to time and pop in is there but it never really affects game play...if anything, the AI is funny trying to run through walls...this game is a looker...

It also some fantastic special effects...maybe next time include a slo-mo

The multi-player has a learning curve. There are upgradable items and anytime you have that, people freak out when their normal set shields can't handle the next guy who has upgraded his and everybody starts thing they are cheating...O_o..learn the mechanics, you won't be disappointed.

BTW...the PS3 fanboys killed this game because KZ 3 was launching in the same window...too bad, it looks fantastic on PS3 as well...PS3 multi-player...

The trick is to find a combination that works for you and your style of game play. You can only run with certain upgrades so pick carefully. Well worth $40 btw.

KING_KAI2497d ago

i loved the single player. played it through twice. really good graphics BUT... the multiplayer was crap, the maps are good but it was just a lag fest with massive host advantage. shame really :/

TheIneffableBob2497d ago

Single player is solid, but the multiplayer is a step down from Crysis and Crysis Wars. The maps are small arenas compared to the huge levels in the first Crysis that had helicopters, tanks, boats, VTOLs, jeeps, and even trucks. The first Crysis also had nuclear weapons which were kinda awesome.

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SarahFox2497d ago

ohhh ok, i'm going to pick it up for PS3 then, PC games get hit with so many cheaters it seems. I know every console does, just seems easier to cheat on PC sometimes.

Solid_Snake-2497d ago

you know nothing about PC gaming what so ever. 90% of games have anti-cheat banning. funny thing is you report a cheat on console and nothing gets done. report them on the PC and mods come down with a very strong iron fist.

CaptCalvin2497d ago

It's just that Crytek didn't even bother with preventing the cheaters. first couple of weeks even piraters were allow to play online.

ATiElite2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

You know making absurd and totally stupid comments about PC Gaming only shows how much of a console fanboy some one is.

REAL PC Gamers know that when someone is hacking all you have to do is report them to the ADMIN and within 3 minutes the Admin checks to see if they are hacking and if they are they are gone. Just a great benefit of playing on dedicated servers unlike the consoles with p2p game lay where the host cheats by lagging everyone. WTF!

Punkbuster or whatever other anti-cheat system used like File check prevents most hackers from even getting into the game.
so your statement is total FLAIMBAIT and Troll Propaganda. Even Free to Play online PC games have almost stamped out hackers.

Aimbots, wall Hacks, extreme health are the main hacks but they have to make new ones like everyday cause Admins catch on quickly therefore when one hacker outta million does slip by they are gone within 5 minutes tops.

NanoSoldier2497d ago

Crysis 2 is amazing on X360.

SarahFox2497d ago

@solid_snake way to get defensive, i wasn't stating facts, all i said was it seems they get hit with it a lot, i even said it happens to all consoles. Way to take a normal conversation and use it to attack people.

PRHB HYBRiiD2497d ago

this game is pretty good id say is the best looking multiplat and long story mode 8/10 imo.

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nikrel2497d ago

Drop the price to 20 bucks and you have a deal.

Raptura2497d ago

This game's been 40 bucks many times in many places.

PS360PCROCKS2497d ago

$40?! it should be free! I can't even get the stupid game to run anymore. Not sure what the hell is up and hey no more patches from Crytek!

Btw if no one knew that they have claimed MP is perfect and they won't be patching it anymore. Not sure if it's for on PC or not, still a load of crap, games has issues in SP still.

PS360PCROCKS2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

wtf is anyone even disagreeing with? The PC version blows, now it's just pretty and glitchy instead of just semi-pretty and glitchy. Bokeh DOF doesn't work on Ultra, Vsync is messed up and reverts to monitors refresh rate, 3D doesn't work, saves are messed up, it force closes and now it starts and just turns my screen black and I can't even exit out using ctrl+alt+del.

dirthurts2497d ago

I have a feeling you have a problem with your pc bud.
I don't know anyone else who is having trouble running this. Try an os reinstall.

PS360PCROCKS2496d ago

Absolutely not my PC. Go to mycrysis forums, these issues are very pronounced on there. All other games work flawlessly on my PC. It worked fine at first and now it just won't work. I haven't messed with it lately because i've been playing the witcher 2 instead.

CaptCalvin2497d ago

Story was pretty good the first time, but I just can't get myself to play through it more than once. Crysis 1 however, I played through it at least 3 times.

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