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James Melrose continues his #firedoor blog on as he shares his thoughts on Why the mobile gaming market is failing, and why the PSVita and the 3DS can't save it.

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NukaCola2404d ago

I don't know about you all, but I am excited for PSVita. It's doing things no other mobile platform has done & perfecting everything else

MaxXAttaxX2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

As a gamer. That's what I care about.

Mobile gaming has nothing but simplified versions of REAL games found on actual gaming systems and $1 mini-games. There are higher production games that suffer due to the controls or are simply mediocre clones.

Think of all the Sony/Nintendo and good third-party games I'd be missing.

A game website that's so unsupportive of gaming handhelds and prefers phones hardly deserves any hits from me.


Not a very good first impression.

thatgameshow2404d ago

We don't have "Zero Support", Orcomma just happens to. I maintain that my favourite console ever is the gameboy, which as you're aware, is a handheld console.

Generalised "I R NEVER CLICK AGAIN" comments are all well and good, but the #firedoor is Orcomma's own (often inflammatory) blog that happens to be hosted on our site. He's a small part of a much bigger and more diverse team. You're welcome to write a rebuttal that we'll host if you're that annoyed and want the record set straight

miyamoto2403d ago

... specially if that handheld is a High Definition device that can output HD video content on any flat panel monitor. It is so powerful it can replace a home console both in game play controls and graphics.

I sure do hope the PS Vita have a HD out put of some sort its the only lacking feature that keeps from owning the PS3 and 360.

thatgameshow2403d ago

I honestly don't think it'll "Own" anything. By the time it hits its stride, we'll be thinking about the next generation of home consoles, and thus it'll be in that sticky middle ground. 3DS will be outselling it, and it'll be trapped in limbo (exactly what happened to the PSP vs the DS)

xX-Jak-Xx2404d ago

Sure. i am looking forward for the vita sony is doing a great job with it

K922404d ago

I am enjoying my 3DS, and I'm excited for the Vita, so I say yes :)

charmer2404d ago

yes handhelds are needed because its the true ways to play game on the go as real gamers...and you're right 3ds gives you 3d on the go , nintendo games and nintendo brains powering its future.

thatgameshow2404d ago

I'd disagree for two reasons.

A) the term "real gamer" no longer applies to anything, as the industry has too many facets.

B) The majority of people who own a handheld lock it away in a cupboard for the better part of the year. It only sees the light of day for a long journey (or the days immediately after a high profile release)

Honestly, I haven't got enough room in my pocket for my Phone, my keys, wallet, a seperate MP3 player and a seperate console. I want it all in a neat package, and that package is my smartphone.

MaxXAttaxX2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Your personal experience does not represent everyone else who actually enjoy playing on handheld systems.

Personally, 3D does nothing for me.

f7897902404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

With my PSP I loved to sit on the couch or my bed and play games on it. Not just on long trips. It was also great when I was busy because I could play for 10 minutes then throw it into sleep mode for later.

It was the same for my friends and 2 kids I would babysit.

miyamoto2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

How old are you?

Based on the stuff you wrote I don't think you are the right kind of gamer 3DS and PS Vita were made for. Hence the gloom and doom attitude.

Maybe you are too old for this. So leave the handheld stuff to whom they belong. Do your self a favor and stick with your high tech smart phones or touch tablets.

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