Captain America Star Hayley Atwell is Hooked on The Sims

Actress Hayley Atwell may not be wielding Captain America’s shield in director Joe Johnston’s The First Avenger, but she’s certainly stealing the superhero’s thunder. Atwell plays Peggy Carter in the World War II-era origin story of Stan Lee’s Marvel comic book, opposite Chris Evans. And gamers can get more of her in Sega’s Captain America: Super Soldier video game. Atwell goes virtual for the first time in the cross-platform game. The English actress, who’s the biggest gamer in the cast, talks about how she’s been hooked on video games since the early days of Sega’s Mega Drive and Game Gear in this exclusive interview.

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JsonHenry2400d ago

I guess their handlers tell them to say things like this to expand their geeky fanbase. It worked for Olivia Munn.

SilentNegotiator2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Don't forget that publishers will pay a pretty penny to expand brand recognition. And people pay attention to celebrities.

And these "[insert actor/actress] is addicted to [insert game, system, facebook, etc]" articles are becoming a dime a dozen.

Ever watch "Thank you for Smoking"? Two-face (don't know his real name) was totally right about needing to get cigarettes back into the movies, in the mouths of celebrities.

egidem2400d ago

Oh god, another pretty actress?? This just gets better and better.

BigWillys2400d ago

I'd give her something she would get hooked on.

stephmhishot2400d ago

No offense, but do we really need an article every time an attractive chick says she plays video games?

SilentNegotiator2400d ago

They give sites an excuse to write an article, dorky immature people something to say "ZOMG that's awezom!!" to, and publishers a chance to succeed at exactly what they're trying to do.

The only losers are the people trying to find actual VG news.

egidem2400d ago

Pretty? Hot? Women? Actresses? Videogames? What's not to get? Keep these articles coming!

UnwanteDreamz2400d ago

I agree who cares if they like games? Join the club it's one of the largest in the world

midgard2272400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

oh really? thats nice, my fiance plays ps3,360, psp and pc games, and shes hot, why doesnt she get a tv spot? :P

people play videogames now, its not viewed as a childs activity anymore because those children have grown, Videogames are a popular media so why is it so shocking now when someone famous or a female plays videogames? thats like it being shocking that someone listens to music, i mean get real

[email protected] Johnny


well here you go

shes not a model but shes still my gorgeous fiance of 7 years! haha, going to otakon to pwn some fighters in blazblue and soul calibur

Johnny_Cojones2400d ago

pics r it didant happenz lawlz

Johnny_Cojones2400d ago


She's very cute, brosephus.

My chick plays video games a little bit, & isn't quite as cute.

But hey, she swallows. :^D

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