MGS HD Collection: CQC Gameplay

A video posted by GameTrailers at Comic-Con 2011 showing CQC gameplay for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection

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PRHB HYBRiiD2252d ago

And i thought i was bad at metal gear... the guy playing i either blind or playing with just one hand.

Solid_Snake-2252d ago

agreed this guy is garbage. if you cant CQC someone and get on top of them and start humping then your no good.

thats my thumb rule.

TurismoGTR2252d ago

the game looks like a horrible build.... wtf happened?

Ocelot5252252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

It's recorded with a shitty cam, don't expect 1080p graphics

I would like to see some footage of mgs2 and mgs3 instead. We've seen enough about pw

PirateThom2252d ago

It's an upscaled PSP game and, while they have made improvements, the assets were never going to hold up that well when upscaled... I kind of wish they'd gone back and redone a lot of it but it is what it is and the camera on the right stick is the biggest improvement on the whole thing.

Ocelot5252252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )


it's not quite correct to use the term upscaling here

Imagine you have a 1920 *1080 image of a mountain. When you downscale it to 2*2 you'll have a picture of 4 pixels. When you upscale it back to fullHD you'll only see 4 large blocks.(note that sometimes the blocks are interpolated)

This is upscaling.

The collection will not be upscaled but will feature native HD.

zerocrossing2252d ago

They should use this vid to show gamers just how not to play.

anticooper2252d ago

dancing and airpunching around the bullets:-)

stu8882252d ago

I think Peace Walker will be the weakest title in this HD collection.

BroGamer2252d ago

In terms of graphics I'd have to agree but that is because it was on the PSP where the graphics were toned down. MGS3 will be a beaut.

zinkabassy2252d ago

This man is really a pro MGS gamer.

anticooper2252d ago

yep his one of the best,its just pure class:-)

Redempteur2252d ago

my sarcasm detector !!

(it exploded ) why did you do that ?

NarooN2252d ago

VEGETA! What does the scouter say about his SARCASM LEVEL???

ZBlacktt2252d ago

I want to see new HD game play of MGS2 and MGS3.....

NarooN2252d ago

This. We all know what PW HD looks like since it's all they've bothered to show. At least show us some vids (not handy-cam recorded bs) of MGS2 and/or 3.

ZBlacktt2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Last time I was this excited to get a game. It was the midnight release of MGS4. With MGS3 being my favorite one of them all. Now with trophies for all 3. Heaven.....

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