Five Stunning Uncharted Moments ( writes

"In anticipation of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (and because we’re bored of sitting on our arses, and we love an excuse to wax lyrically about the cheeky treasure hunter’s exploits), PSU has decided to list five stunning Uncharted moments that slammed our jaws to the floors, representing the standout scenes that will forever remain embedded on our consciousness."

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NukaCola2338d ago

Walking up into the temple at the end of UC2. Rainy, dark, the camera pans as lightening flashes, gorgeous jungle for miles. I love those still shots where the cam is preset for those artistic shots. GOW does it but I haven't seen it use much since the PS One days like in RE or FFVII, or Parasite Eve. I love still camera effect. Gives an immersive cinematic feel.

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Criminal2338d ago

Nice list, the Uncharted series is filled with "stunning moments".

Miiikeyyy2338d ago

It's a shame to pick only 5, The game is full of stunning moments