5 Spectacular Nintendo DS games you probably missed

It's easy to miss good DS releases, as they just keep coming. Here are five of the best DS releases that you probably missed

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TomInc2004d ago

Didn't know that Kirby game existed oO

Wiiloveit2004d ago

a.k.a, Kirby: Canvas Curse.

TomInc2004d ago

Gotta say.. I feel pretty embarrassed. Kirby Is one of my faves from Nintendo

MoveTheGlow2003d ago

Canvas Curse was the first game to really let gamers know why the DS was a good design idea, and there were hardly any games after that that did any better... only The World Ends With You and Knights in the Nightmare did the DS better from what I've played. Check it out if you haven't yet!

yen8882004d ago

I need to get back into Nintendo DS games, will start with these! Thanks

CDbiggen2004d ago

I have all of these. I was lucky to pick up that kirby game when I did ;)

DavidBaller2004d ago

Same! It's my guilty pleasure traveling.

DavidBaller2004d ago

3/5 I had never heard of. Well done.

Dan_Vivian2004d ago

That's a pretty interesting list. I have only heard of about 2 of them. Might give number one a shot at some point in the near future. Good work.

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