My Wife, the Casual Gamer, Reacts to Ms. Splosion Man

Josh of Gaming Irresponsibly writes: Ms. Splosion Man is quite a fun platformer game, with it's bright environments and lighthearted nature, this game seemed like a week where "My Wife, the Casual Gamer" would be on cruise control. In fact, with an opportunity to play the game this time around in co-op mode, I expected this to be a much different experience.

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Cal6642497d ago

This is a good piece i love this series bet she was glad to finally get a break from games filled with dick jokes.

agentxk2497d ago

I would have preferred the dick jokes over how angry she got in multiplayer. lol

Cal6642497d ago

Women are far worse at getting rage when online they can be dangerous especially to controllers lol

iMaccaPro2497d ago

I love these articles, pure kudos for finding yourself a girl that loves gaming ha great piece @agentxk

agentxk2497d ago

she didn't get to play too many old school games growing up so she is very impatient with platformers

kingdoms2497d ago

These games are hard, I mean oldschool hard. I still haven't beat the first one.