How to Fix the Poor Quality of (Most) Superhero Games

Gaming Irresponsibly writes: Gamers know not to trust games based on a popular license by now. For every blockbuster action movie, a video game adaptation is sure to follow – most of which are completely disposable, uninspired action games intended to quickly cash in on a Hollywood fad before heading to the bargain bin.

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Cal6642434d ago

I've wish someone would get a new style of movie adaptation or superhero game out cause they all suck. High hopes for Jurassic Park though.

agentxk2434d ago

Yeah, I liked most of the Jurassic Park games in the past

NukaCola2434d ago

Which Jurassic Park? The SEGA Genesis & SNES versions were 100% different.

SNES: Top down open world adventure, with FPS when in doors.
SEGA: Side scroller level based shooter where you play as a human (Contra-style) or a really badass raptor.

agentxk2434d ago

Actually all of them, I even liked the NES version.

blitz0x2434d ago

I was not a fan of the snes one.

majdees2434d ago

Devs should learn from Rocksteady. They did an amazing job with Batman: Arkham Asylum and from what has been shown they are doing great with Batman: Arkham City.

Focker4202434d ago

Give it to a good developer. Rocksteady so far has it perfect w/ Batman. Just imagine if superhero games were created by developers like naughty dog, guerilla games, dice, visceral, epic, etc. Those would be some amazing superhero games.

agentxk2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

I agree, I am tired of these bargain bin games