Why I Couldn't Care Less About RAGE

Gaming Irresponsibly writer, Franco discusses why he isn't buying in to the hype of RAGE. At least he isn't yet.

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fluffydelusions2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Yeah because ID didn't define FPS or anything /s Article is total rubbish.

agentxk2216d ago

He explains that id will be the reason he actually checks the game out.

fluffydelusions2216d ago

His reasoning is pretty lame imo.

I_find_it_funny2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )


Why I Couldn't Care Less About Someone Who Couldn't Care Less About RAGE

edit/ gamingirresponsibly is on my list of Top 10 wortless N4G submitter websites and I will submit an article about it

agentxk2215d ago

look forward to reading it!

Sub4Dis2215d ago

i do think rage is probably going to be a lot like fallout. however, fallout focused more on the RPG elements. rage focuses on the quality gun-play and the AI. i haven't played rage yet, but if it delivers on what it's advertising, it's going to be a really good game...regardless of what games it is similar.

wicko2215d ago

What a baby, always someone bitching and moaning that game X isn't completely unique.

He also forgets that Rage was in development before both of those games, and was actually shown before Borderlands ever was. I also don't recall anyone going on about how fresh and innovative it was. Even in id's video series they've released, they've said you know what to expect from us, we make shooters.

FriedGoat2215d ago

I personally hope it will be great, i've been playing ID games all my life and upgrading accordingly for new releases. One thing that worries me about this is it doesn't seem at all original. Borderlands rings a bell.

ReservoirDog3162215d ago

I kinda think it looks like bland. No trailer has wowed me yet. Probably cause I don't let graphics sell a game for me.

Maybe it's the best* game* ever* but none of the previews have caught my eye yet.

Maybe it's better that I don't buy into the hype and when I finally play it, I'm absolutely floored?

But all I know is that the graphics and engine stuff that they brag about so much just bores me to tears. I just don't care about 60fps and unique textures. It's like a watching a movie only for the detailed props.

Either way, I'm sure it'll be good but it's at the bottom of the list of the 147,000 games coming out this year.

BulletToothtony2215d ago

i'm not saying that it's will be a bad game but when most of the praises come from the developer it's kinda hard to believe the hype or what he's saying.

Even companies with great records have messed up once in a while.

I hope for carmack's sake that his mentality has evolved cause it's been a long time since quake.

MaxXAttaxX2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

...It doesn't seem very interesting to me.
It's a post-apocalyptic FPS.

How is the story/characters?

inveni02215d ago

Can you please show me some video where Rage is focusing on AI? Everything I've seen shows terrible AI and absolutely no physics engine. Graphics aside, Rage is one of the least promising games I've seen in a long time (besides Deus Ex: HR).

Cerberus292215d ago

I know I'm gonna get a TON of disagrees, but I actually feel the same way about RAGE. The graphics engine looks incredible but the gameplay just looks meh, and the whole post apocalyptic thing has been done more than enough already.

paintsville2215d ago

Wow. This dude is lame. ID/Carmack are/is legends of the gaming world. This game will be the biggest thing sine Doom.

inveni02215d ago

Yup. And I love that I got disagrees, but no one cares to actually show me something. If I missed something, I'd like to see it. I don't want to miss out on an awesome game just because I'm misinformed.

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dangert122215d ago

i think this game is being overly hyped
are well back to socom/wkc

stu8882215d ago

what does that make the hype for BF3 then?

Godmars2902215d ago

The same thing if not more so because its a 3rd installment. And there are already enough FPS on the market.

Solid_Snake-2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

i cant believe you just called rage over hyped then went back to socom lol.

talk about irony.

least rage will turn out to be a good game.

if anything id say it hasnt had enough hype.

dangert122215d ago

socom is a good game just stop comparing it to older games and see it as its own

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ryhanon2215d ago

Meh. It looks like it's shaping up to be a good game, no way to know for sure until we play it though.

That said, I'm not buying into the hype either, if only because I think id is one of the most overrated developers ever. Sure, they were the big dogs back in the day with Wolfenstein 3D, Doom (most overrated game *ever*), and Quake, but what have they done that's mattered in the last 15 years? Next to nothing, that's what.

While everyone else around them has been pushing the medium forward with interesting gameplay mechanics, systems and story-lines, id has done nothing but try to remain on the cutting edge of technology. And they've arguably fallen behind on that, with developers like Crytek, Dice, Epic, Naughty Dog, and others all taking the lead in various ways in that regard.

What exactly does id do that's worthwhile?

Everyone is hyping this game up... why, exactly? Because it's the first time id has ventured outside of their lame corridor shooters to make a game that features open environments and vehicles? Well it's about time they've started doing what other developers have been doing for nearly 20 years. Way to keep up with the industry, id.

Ducky2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

... Crytek's latest shooter was more or less a corridor-shooter. Only thing you can really credit Crysis2 with is visuals.

Dice is known for its MP and can be credited with doing destruction correctly in an Mp setting.

Epic has been... making corridor third-person shooters? I've never bothered playing a Gears game, so I wouldn't know. Though they have beatn iD in terms of engine-licensing.

NaughtyDog is leading the way in story and animation with Uncharted, but it still is a highly-scripted corridor-shooter.

That's not really a whole lot of advancement going on there. Especially when you look at FPS games. I was recently playing Quake2, and it was depressing how little things have changed... and in some cases have degenerated.
It appears that gameplay is progressively being sacrificed for cinematics.

Don't know why you picked a 15-year period for iD's achievements, as most of the quake games fall in that time period... and asside from being a great series, the quake engine also has a heavy influence on gaming today (Valve and CoD) as well as e-sports.

Doom3 was also quite big at the time because it was one of the first times a proper lighting/shading model was used.

As for why Rage is being hyped, I'm hyped because, irrespective of who's developing it, I love the art design and I've liked what the game previews have shown. Seems others have liked it too as it has received quite a few awards from various showing at E3.

ryhanon2215d ago

My references to Crytek, Dice, Epic and Naughty Dog were all in terms of technology, not the differences of the experiences they produce. I felt I was pretty clear on that with the original comment, but here's the clarification for you.

I picked a 15 year period because in the last 15 years they've done bupkis. Most of the Quake games (all of them, actually) do fall in that period, you're right. But other than the first Quake, none of them have been particularly innovative or remarkable in any way.

You cite Doom 3 but the only thing you have to say about it is the lighting model. Again, more technology. I'm not saying id isn't any good at developing games with cutting edge technology, I'm saying that's literally *all* they are good at. Their games have been completely unremarkable in every way other than the technology they employ. They haven't even done anything outside of the realm of first person shooters in uhm... ever?

My point is, 20 years ago id were the big kahunas because they were pretty much the only technologically cutting-edge developers around. Or at least the only wildly successful ones. These days though, there are vastly more developers capable of producing games that are just as impressive technologically as id's, but that are far more impressive in other ways, be that in terms of mechanics or story-line or whatever.

I'm not boarding the hype train for this game because of that. Will it be technologically awesome? Yeah, probably. At least for 6 months until the next capable developer (of which there are *several*) comes along and out shines them.

The more important question should be, will the game be any good? It certainly looks decent, I'll give it that much. Provided the reviews aren't shockingly bad, I'll probably even pick it up at some point. But will there be anything about it, anything at all, that makes it stand out beyond visuals? I seriously doubt it. They've proven themselves incapable of making a compelling experience for the last 20 years and I don't expect this to be any different.

NeoTribe2215d ago

Id started fps but they also havnt made a good fps since they started either. I hope its a good playthrough but im def not buying into the hype either. Seems like a fallout or borderlands without rpg elements. Lets hope for the best.

hassi942215d ago

I sorta agree with the article. It doesn't look like a bad game - but nothing seems to excite me. Various trailers and nothing has given me that hook that makes me say 'I want to buy that game'. Recently for unreleased games; I HAVE had that hook for Battlefield 3, Bioshock: Infinite, The Old Republic, Deus Ex: HR and Arkham City.

joab7772215d ago

He is right. When a game or games r successful, they should never b duplicated or borrowed from or implemented into new ips. No game should ever try and build off of, refine, or perfect other games ideas. Every game must b entirely unique in every facet or its garbage. In this case, have fun, as visor games are like every other form of media, or anything consumer based, they are most times an attempt to improve on prior ideas. I'd love to see which games he does love, so I can explain the lineage of said games and how his argument is falwed. But, I imagine he is just trying to piss ppl off. Seems to b the rage lately.

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agentxk2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

While I don't buy in to everything he says, I will say that I bought Borderlands thinking it was RAGE after seeing some previews of it at QuakeCon. I forgot the name and saw the game and thought it was it.

solar2215d ago

Borderlands was overrated. RAGE, i can understand the hype because its id's first new IP in forever.

JeffGUNZ2215d ago

Borderlands overrated?! That game is amazing. Sure, I think Rage will be outstanding, but Borderlands was such an addictive experience.

vortis2215d ago

Does RAGE have 492,252,234 guns of every single type you could possibly imagine? I don't think so.

That alone made Borderlands pwn.

Man, I still can't forget my street-sweeping shotty that fired like a machine gun. That thing was beastly...all black too.

theonlylolking2216d ago

Rage has worse graphics than MW2 so obviously no one should care about RAGE because graphics are EVERYTHING!!!!! 0_o

iMaccaPro2215d ago

I would really love to hear you explain how RAGE's graphics are terrible? Because you obviously haven't a clue. I'd think about comparing the graphics between a linear game and an open world game next time. I seriously don't think this game is getting enough hype.

FAGOL2215d ago

He was being sarcastic

J5Feedback2215d ago

Was his sarcasm not evident?