Sony Executive On 'The Reinvention Of PS3' And The PS4

GB: "As you guys are already aware, I got an opportunity to have a pretty lengthy chat with Atindriya Bose, PlayStation India Country Manager, on various topics ranging from the PS3 and PSP to PSV and PS4.

The current generation of hardware is aging out real fast, especially when one compares it with PC gaming. I asked Atindriya about Sony's plan to announce a PlayStation 4 to which I got the following reply"

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fluffydelusions2403d ago

I'm not anxious for next gen quite yet but I'll buy a PS4 day one whenever it comes out.

elmaton982403d ago

Of course, but I think the ps3 is one step ahead of this current gen

dangert122403d ago

if i dont get syphon filter ps3 im going to kill sum1 at sony lol ok im not but i will be badly let down

Jac5al2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Lacking certain online features, so no.

Inside_out2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

The PS4 is already will look like the PS Vita...only bigger. Quad core and lots of memory with a " custom " Nvidia chip.

The next Xbox is already done and the launch of the 360 S was a trial run and it went off with out a hitch. M$ is prepared to announce and launch the console in the same year. This is why there is so many rumors around the next Xbox and Crytek, seemingly getting the inside track for middle ware.

It seems that August will be a big month as AMD has promised to share what it has planned for the next xbox teasing that it will be Avatar like in it's graphics capability. AMD signed on a long time ago. 343 studios has something to announce as well in August...maybe a Halo 4 beta, maybe Halo 4 new engine on a new can hope???

Sony will never let Xbox 360 launch ahead of them again. It hurt the PS3 tremendously in sales and reputation. If there is something that Sony can do it is roll out a new electronics device. They are ready and waiting. It is in their best interest to let the gen last a little longer to get some more losses off the books but it won't happen...the new gen is here.

EVILDEAD3602402d ago

I called this a long time ago..

E3 2012

Wii-U will show it's launch line-up and will launch Holiday 2012

Micrsoft will announce 720

Sony WILL announce PS4...only if Vita and PS3 somehow fail to gain momentum.

E3 2013

Micrsoft will show it's launch line-up and will launch the system in holiday 2013

If Sony announce PS4 in the last E3 it was follow sut with Micrsoft and have it's own launch window in between 2013 & 2014

You see all the articles about people not being ready for next gen right now..MARK MY WORDS..the talk will be different after next years E3.


blumatt2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

PS4 MIght Continue Using the Cell architecture, Just upgraded RAM etc.

I have a feeling that Sony will simply continue using the Cell architecture so that devs. won’t have to re-learn new hardware to develop for the PS4. The PS4 will likely have a 32 SPU Cell architecture with around 4GB of RAM and an upgraded graphics card. The upgraded RAM will help out “lesser” developers like Activision to make pretty games without having to use the Cell. Bluray drives have come down in price significantly. They’ll likely use a quad layer (100GB) BR disc and a 8X or higher read time. Using similar architecture with upgraded components (BR drive and RAM) will help keep the price down and make it easy to develop for.

Also, I can see Sony offering all its games via PSN day and date with the retail disc release. You'll have the choice to buy it on disc or digitally. I'll go disc all the way myself.

If developers haven’t figured out the Cell by the time the PS4 comes out, I’d say it’s safe to say that they are lazy. lol That will have been nearly 8 years or so.

Also, another reason why they might continue using the Cell is because Sony bought back the factory that manufactures the Cell chips.

Backward Compatiblity with PS3 games will be a non-issue if they choose this route.

As far as motion control goes, I can definitely see them making an upgraded PS Eye 2.0 that is more “Kinect-like” and offers body only motion gaming. However, I think they’ll continue supporting the Move and not make a new Move controller for the PS4. The Move’s technology is already cutting edge. It’s good to see companies competing for our dollar and making new technologies even better through competition.

By doing what i just predicted, I can see Sony being able to sell the PS4 for $399, which would be very good for us gamers. The PS Vita is proof that Sony has learned its lesson about using developer unfriendly hardware and pricing their hardware too high.

raztad2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Agree about PS4 being "just" an upgraded PS3 for compatibility purposes.

Dont agree about the specs you suggesting, probably they are overkill and too expensive to meet that magical $399 price point.

I'd say PS3 will boast a smaller, more energy efficient and faster Cell sporting 16 SPUs. Sony reaching an agreement with IBM to get a custom POWER CPU with support for Cell instruction set is also a possibility.

2 GB RAM maximum.

Upgraded Nvidia GPU, although AMD working on a GPU for Sony is being rumored. Regardless the solution, the new graphic chip has to support some sort of RSX emulation.

Current double layer BD is more than enough.

2013 sounds very likely for a PS4 release.

DeadlyFire2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Regardless of SPU/Cell design. Next gen PS4 will be aimed very strongly at supporting PS3 compatibility. It is almost essential for success of the console. This can happen one of two ways. One being Cell revision/upgrade. The other being a Custom Power7 based design. Either way comparing Power7 to PS3 Cell they look almost identical. There are some differences clearly still though not incompatible.

As for GPU. There are rumors of PowerVR 6, NVIDIA, AMD. I for one don't believe AMD will claim all the consoles. NVIDIA maybe continued RSX deal for next gen platform for PS3 support, but I don't think any further beyond that unless well.... I believe PowerVR 6 is most likely GPU to be in the console.

Could be wrong though. There is one thing noone talks about. Which is ARM. NVIDIA does have a 64-bit multicore ARM CPU processor in the works since late 2010/early 2011 it was announced. Likely launch 2013/2014. Its possible if a deal was inked with them Sony could be bringing a multicore ARM CPU/GPU hybrid into the PS4. Never know. Still iffy though. If this is the case they might go with 2nd generation of this on a higher level graphics combo. Since first gen is rumored to sport NVIDIA 8800 series. Which is lesser than the ATI 4800 series rumored around the Nintendo U and Xbox 720. Who knows. The decision for sony will likely lie on them choosing this or possibly PowerVR 6 + this combo if possible.

I don't expect the price point to hit $600 bucks this time around, but I don't expect $400 tag. I believe $500 will be the aim for top consoles. I do expect 100 GB discs from Sony and Microsoft. I expect both of them to launch or at least hint of having a new console by E3 2012. First to market leaves a big dent in the market. So if all three don't throw their cards on the table at E3 2012 someone will be getting a bad start.

lazertroy2402d ago

The developers are just a couple steps behind.

AAACE52402d ago

It's all Ps3 for me right now! I have let my 360 gold account run out and have claimed the Ps3 as my primary console!

I like netflix and a lot of other features the Ps3 has. And I realized I don't use many of the features the 360 has, so I decided to not renew my Live account.

Besides, all there is to buy on 360 this year is Gears and Forza 4!

Now that most developers have switched over to Ps3 as lead platform, the 360's advantage of having the better multiplatform experience will come to an end!

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trancefreak2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

I seriously think most console gamers especially the ones anxiously waiting for their perspective brand, will be much happier waiting at least 2/3 more years in the long run.

Think about it for a sec. When these consoles are launched that is it box sealed shipped and sold.

We are seeing the longer console trend and when my next box and ps4 are released I want vast improvements technically and with innovated integration along with revamped dash boards.

If we were told today x console will be released xmas 2012 how much better do you think that console would really be compared to at least another year.

Right now nvidia are making mobile variants of there high gpus like the 580m. Small chips wih a bang.

All im saying when I I make my next purchase I want the console to live up to my expectations because who knows how long we will be gaming in the next gen.

@ Danger seriously that game was huge for me not so long ago. I guess new ips stole the show.

vortis2402d ago

Very well said.

I think more people are interested in knowing that the tech is at least in development right now (not that Sony or MS would ever say) but it gives gamers hope for something to look forward to.

I think SOny and MS did the console race a disservice by launching with 512mb of RAM when at the time even then that wasn't a whole lot. 1GB would have vastly extended both console's lifetime considering that's one of the biggest setbacks developers are facing with the current-gen machines.

N4g_null2402d ago

The only thing that really needs to happen is 60fps hd gaming. This will increase the action in your games giving you a better challeng and bang for your buck.

Even if you did wait you will not get any thing too much better than what you have on dx11 patched games. Normal maps can be rolled into tessalation and texturing can push things further than polygons right now. So megatexture and competiting ideas will be the new battle ground.

If you actually look at where amd and nvidia are heading it's better light maps color shadows or light scattering. Tessalation is great but the comput shaders are for serious number crunching. Texture size is the new battle ground it seems and 60fps. Tessalation will only happen when culling is total optimized completely. Yet that could be a bad direction since the game play has not caught up with the current graphics yet.

I almost wish we had voodoo back. Gpus need some fresh ideas it seems.

Truthfully next gen is probably when I get a ps4 for the house since then Sony can actualy pull off an action game at 60fps. This may not be big to a lot of Sony fans but Sony needs to understand the public has just seen the new transformers a movie with crazy effects that blow aviator away with no slow down at all.

Next gen is the gen Sony gets movie gaming right I feel. The animation in uncharted is great but the action isn't even close to where it should be.

It's cool you guys like the exclusives but out of all the crap that sucks in cod they game one thing right. Gun play should be fast not 15-30fps.

The hype here is great for the ps3 but the 2 mil avg sales of the exclusives to 50 mil games is not cool. It's really sad how web sites hype this stuff up for 2-3 mil in sales and don't give me the quality crap sure the screen caps look great but watching these games move sucks.

Watching people kickass in games is what made it fun to watch. Watching some one coward and wait on health regen is so lame.

Just imagine if they did this in a real movie? You would leave. So really Sony only needs the specs for true hd and 60fps. That's it. No one plays crisis because of the frame rate at frist but we still don't play it simply because the game just moves too slow.

Otherwise expect a lot more gamers to enter next gen and sonys exclusive should come into their own then just like when the upgrade to the ps3 birthed uncharted and killzone became cool.

subtenko2402d ago

I just know that when the PS4 comes out (and if M$ makes another Xbox) they will both be ahead of the Wii U by a big margin.

This will affect the space time continuum in gaming! Idk how it will affect it, but it will,lol. It'll cause some ripple. (most likely the number of owners of each system but w/e)

I cant wait for the PS4, but hopefully both Sony annnnd M$ take their time making their next consoles. There's still a lot of games coming out, we gotta finish playing those first! Put the spot light to indie developers with tons of digital distribution, THEN come out with the next gen.

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

jadnice2402d ago

Hmmmm at best its will be debatable when the WiiU release next year and/or the final specs on the console is released before then.

I strongly believe the release date of PS4 and Xbox720 will be heavily influence if Nintendo manage to get a chunk of the core games to take notice (this must be spec driven...) and purchase the console. If WiiU is once again more casual driven with small increase in core gamers, then Microsoft and Sony will be business as usual.

mastiffchild2402d ago

As Ninty HAVEannounced everything but any details Sony/MS will just wait til they do and THEN pounce when they know exactly WHAT they have to blow out of the water tech wise.

Ninty will hope the Wii demographic willjust move on u to WiiU and be haoppy with HD and a little extra than PS360. Who will be right? IDK but if Nintendo hope to woo back a lot of lost core gamers it will be interesting to see exactly how they handle their next launch because, for me, it's a while since a Nintendo console had a great launch line up. Wii had TP and Wii sports and that was it at launch. See how badly a bad line up hurt Sony last time? Exactly, and if Nintendo have no Wii Sports style title that really shows off their new gimmick to the casual masses they won't get what they want either.

Interesting times but way too early to call what Sony or MS will do when none of us know what WiiU will have under the hood.

N4g_null2402d ago

The problem is this may not be about specs next gen. It is possible 60fps in hd maybe good enough. It will be more about the games more than ever now. I mean that is the reason why pc gamers came to consoles in the first place.

If Sony can some how get the gamers who had kids and grew out of gamIng back then the market can truely grow again.

I have a feeling next gen could be a lot like the 16 bit gen. All system will be around the same level.

DaTruth2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

I'm finding this gen is becoming stale! The games are great and all, but I feel like I'll never be blown away in this gen ever again!

When I saw Battlefield PC for the first time I was blown away, but graphics are the least of my concerns! Mostly I want larger gameworlds, with more enemies and the limited nature of Crysis 2, while still running in sub HD, let me know how impossible it will be in this gen! It also let me see that a powerful PC would be no answer fort this, as Crysis 2 was just a prettier version of its console counterparts and a severe downgrade from Crysis 1; consoles are holding back PC development too much!

Edit: Even though I'm in no hurry to shell out again, we desperately need new consoles! I would like to be on Earth in a game shooting 5 missiles at a city on the moon, fly there and see the destruction of each of those five missiles and the effects on the inhabitants when I get there!(like people under rubble being rescued and buildings being repaired. and not something fake, like the five missiles causing scripted damage and population reaction)

vortis2402d ago

You know, what you mention was actually done in REAL-TIME with that alpha-footage released of Battlefront 3 (convenient that BF3 and BF3 were/are both spearheading next-gen gameplay).

Free Radical showcased what could have been during this console generation with Battlefront 3 but everything fell in.

Then again, that was alpha footage and the entire thing could have ran like horse poop for all we know. I do agree that this generation has yet to blow us away with anything special.

Bolts2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

This gen was supposed to deliver 1080p gaming, it did not.

2402d ago
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Les-Grossman2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

I want the PS - 1,0000 & XBOX - 3500,001

NanoSoldier2403d ago

first you should look out for good humor

Objective2403d ago

I'm shocked he pointed out to Move as if it was a significant development for the PS3! If people think Kinect is slow in it's general momentum, Move is at a standstill!

zinkabassy2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

stop trolling,.. I just got my move and nav for shooters ,.. I think Move is doing just fine,.. and I can play like real games with it,.. not some laggy eye-toy shit,..And the funny thing is,..from what I've tried, that Kinect pos seems more laggy then PS2's eye-toy,.. Only way that thing even sold a unit, is because of half a billion dollar advertising campaign and Oprah,..that much money will buy you a metric ass ton of fake publicity, media spin and lies(or half truths)

LadyGaga2403d ago

zinkabassy, you forgot to mention that the Kinect is generally more fun to play than the Move.

Nate-Dog2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Thing is though Sony aren't really marketing the Move (mind you they barely market anything they release) nor do they look like they're really focusing on making any particularly good Move-only games. Microsoft are doing the exact opposite in basically forcing some devs to make Kinect only games or forcing them to make certain games Kinect compatible for pointless reasons (i.e. Mass Effect) and are in turn alienating the core gamers and core gaming section in general. There needs to be a certain balance and I think while MS are focusing way too much on Kinect and have a bit too much confidence in it, Sony don't seem to have that much confidence in the Move.

EVILDEAD3602402d ago

'Microsoft are doing the exact opposite in basically forcing some devs to make Kinect only games or forcing them to make certain games Kinect compatible for pointless reasons (i.e. Mass Effect) and are in turn alienating the core gamers and core gaming section in general.'

Your not even close to the truth with this statement..

Microsoft isn't FORCING one developer into making or including implementation of Kinect into their games.

Bioware messed around with Kinect and loved the voice featured and decide to implement it into Mass Effect 3. How is it possible that core gamers are alienated by this decision? I'm a HUGE Mass Effect fan and can't wait to use the feature. If you don't own Kinect, you can play with a controller as you always have.

It's hilarious that gamers have flip flopped their stance. When Move didn't offer alot of games, the reason it suposedly had the advantage was because you could go back to old games and use Move with it (ala Heavy Rain and Resident Evil 5)

This year when a few developers say that they will include Kinect implementation, all of a sudden it's 'OMG, Micrsoft is FORCING developers to use Kinect'

Hands down the one argument that came out against Kinect at launch was 'it has potential but it doesnt have core game'

This year post-E3, Micrsoft and developers showed implementation and an attempt to rovide core experiences and NOW the argument is 'thety are focusing too much on Kinect'

Again it's the people who don't own the device that say it..

I own it..and salute Micrsoft for supporting it to the fullest and look forward to Kinect being implemented into Forza 4, Mass Effect 3, Madden and Fifa to say the least.


Bolts2402d ago

The Move was marketed as a "mouse like" motion control device which it certainly is not.

2v12402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

@sink..i agreed man , some ppl just like to get rape.

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PirateThom2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Kinect has been at 10m units pretty much the past few months after in launched. Hardly "moving".

In fact, I got my friend to check sale movement for Kinect in his store, so this is merely anecdotal but for a retailer in the centre of Belfast it's a bit telling, last time they sold a new one was in March and a pre-owned one in April.

Face it, no one is buying into motion controls anymore, we got bored of Wii and Microsoft and Sony both missed the boat.

EVILDEAD3602402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Pirate your not even close as well..

Kinect did 8 million in 60 day and broke the Guiness record.

3 months ago they announced 10 Million shipped

There has not been an announcement since..if NPD doenst equal the world then how on earth does a tiny store in Belfast equal the world.

Just look at NPD or any chart (not in Japan) and it's clear that 360 is clearly moving better hardware than they have since Kinect was launched. In fact, just look at Junes NPD.

It doesnt take rocket science to know that a major part of that success is Kinect. So Kinect is selling. But, the fact is it is July, people arent buying Move and Kinect through the roof.

As for Wii, yeah sure the sales have slowed. But, that is because they have [email protected] near 90 million install base and still are are on par saleswise wih the other big 2.

The 3rd and 4th quarter are the most important months for all consoles..and just like last year Kinect is going to sell through the roof. Move and Wii will do good holiday numbers as well. So what boat did they miss?


BitbyDeath2402d ago

I personally think MS just overstocked like they always do which is why the numbers have not changed for it.

When a company sells a device it does not mean it is in the consumers hands, it means it is sitting on a shelf somewhere.

You cannot track actual consumer sales, it is just impossible for any company to do.

Anon19742402d ago Show
EVILDEAD3602402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

LOL @ Darkride dusting off his same old lines from back in the ol' 'financial rerport daily troll-a-thon' days

The numbers actually DONT lie..Micrsoft is still pushing better hardware month after month and YOY since Kinect was released. Especially look at NPD for the last 8 months. In only two quarters Kinect is 10 million in.

It's laughable to compare August numbers to November and claim it's BECAUSE of motion controls and then go into hiding during the lattter 3rd and fourth quarter when it's breaking records. Again, watch the numbers fly through the roof from September through January.

Micrsoft actually has a really good chance to break last year's holiday record this year..and even with Wii phoning it in this year it will still do solid numbers no matter how many people claim they are 'tired' of it..

Again..the numbers don't lie..people do


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