Taki Confirmed For Soul Calibur V

During Namco’s Fighting Game Panel at Comic Con it was confirmed that Taki hasn't been replaced by her disciple Natsu in Soul Calibur V.

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xer02524d ago

Awesome - all they have to do is confirm Ivy and it's an instant buy.

Big boobs rule! :P

MaideninBlack2524d ago

Ivy's been confirmed already.

xer02524d ago

Woohoo! It's an instant buy!

jacksheen00002524d ago

Taki is a cool character but I want something fresh and new.

How about adding lion-O form the thundercats.

"ThunderCats - Hooooooo!

waltyftm2523d ago

Panthro would kick his ass.

zerocrossing2524d ago

Great news for the Taki fans! But how will Taki and her new counter part Natsu differ I wonder?

Whitefox7892524d ago

don't see how they could replace her in the first place Taki's been there since Soul Edge that's like them getting rid of Cervantes (I better not be too out of the Soul Caliber loop).

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The story is too old to be commented.