NetherRealm considered Michael Myers, Jason as Mortal Kombat DLC

Mortal Kombat's newest kombatant certainly came as a surprise to the seasoned MK vets here at Joystiq; we were expecting Tanya, or maybe even Meat, but Krueger? Dude wasn't even on our radar, let alone our fantasy character selection screens. As out-of-left-field as his inclusion seems to us, series co-founder Ed Boon says that slasher villains have always been on the table as potential new characters.

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chidori6662527d ago

i really prefer Jason than this other tard..

fluffydelusions2527d ago

All these guys...freddy, jason, myers should have retired in the 80's. All films past that era with them have completely sucked.

midgard2272527d ago

that fact that freddy is in this game makes MK suck even more.

besides the tons of scorpion clones, syrax clones, goro clones, stiff combat with retarded and unrealistic battle damage that shows your eyeball hanging out while you fight from a few little punches, makes this already easy to play bad fighter even worse.

and yes i know its a videogame and its supposed to be unrealistic but keep it in context please. no one could survive any of the x-ray attacks in the game, and even though they do i find it hilarious that when it says "FINISH HIM" the so called tough character just stands their and lets the opponent murder him in a horrible way......right.


People need to relax a bit. At least by putting krueger in the game show that they thinking outside the box! I mean I like it. This gaming generation is the worst( Gaming for 2 decades) this generation have nothing but followers and copy cats. It's fun when a developer can give us something random and out of nowhere.

meetajhu2527d ago

Not really

That video is the king of fatalities

subtenko2527d ago

Obviously your a Jason fanboy... Both are crazy awesome horror characters. They both deserve to be in the game.

They made Freddy vs Jason (the movie) when they could have put any other horror characters in the movie, but it was just those two, wonder why? Because I'd say they are REALLY well known and an interesting duo to make. SO put frikkin Jason in the game already! :P

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

Pozzle2527d ago

Pfft. If it weren't for Michael Myers, slasher killers like Jason and Freddy wouldn't even exist.

Just saying.

ATiElite2526d ago

Actually Norman Bates from Psycho started all the slasher flick killers.

Pozzle2524d ago

I don't know if I'd call Normal Bates a 'slasher killer' per se. Since he only killed one person and the rest of the movie was a detective movie.

Psycho started the idea, but Halloween created the slasher-film formula.

rmedtx8882527d ago

Mortal Kombat is turning into the most commercial piece of crap out there.
They should have only released original characters.

zerocrossing2527d ago

Im seeing a pattern here.

kamakaz3md2527d ago

they shoulda added all 3, how f'n hard is it, and im sure it costs 5 + dollars jus for freddie, bs...

DOOMZ2527d ago

They should make a horror fighting game with ALL the famous movie monsters/killers! Would be the Ta-Tas...

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