IGN: Comic-Con Gears of War 3's Exclusive Casual Mode

IGN writes: If you have any achievements from Gears 1 or 2, or if you played the Gears of War 3 beta, you cannot access the Casual multiplayer mode. Casual players will be granted aim assist, but no other details about the mode were given.

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Winkle922549d ago

That's a bit strange... I mean, sometimes I just like to play on the easiest setting to explore and plod around. Restricting it is a bit strange, though I suppose not a huge loss. Maybe they don't want veterans running through the game just to see how the story plays out and then moving to multiplayer. Probably want people to get more into the campaign this way.

gamingdroid2549d ago


It has nothing to do with the single player campaign, but plainly just to let people completely new to shooters (or the game) get a chance to enjoy the game without getting a frustrating experience where only veterans are running around demolishing the beginners.

This is a great idea and I wish most of the other shooters would have done that when I started playing online.

mastiffchild2549d ago

Well, yeah, but wouldn't it be better if people would just have decent matchmaking and gamers were honest enough to go with it a little. I recall warhawk had servers for newbies anyway and you couldn't be on them above a certain rank which, for a game like that is fair enough but, surely with dedicated servers alongside matchmaking servers all this is a bit of an unnecessary gimmick and they could have done it with normal ,matchmaking couldn't they? Or bots?

I see the worth of the concept but think the way they're doing it is unweildy and OTT.

gamingdroid2549d ago

Well, it is more than just matchmaking. As far as I know the game mechanic changes too, such as aim assist.

You wouldn't want to do that in a regular match.

Besides, to me why make it so confusing with "dedicated" servers or even matchmaking that doesn't really denote what it is, when you can name it as essentially almost a game mode.

Casual mode is very clear and distinct.

Winkle922549d ago

Oooh I see. Multiplayer mode. Even better.

sayonara892549d ago

The best way is that: just give players several diff options so they can adjust it based on their skills. Don't dumb down entire games - I'm looking at you Assassin's Creed.

khan_saab2549d ago

please explain why are you looking at assassin's creed

2549d ago
KING_KAI2549d ago

good idea coz many new player are gonna get owned. it takes a lot of hours to be good at gears of war. there is a learning curve to it.